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Novel way of parting off

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  • Novel way of parting off

    Saw this for sale on bay:

    I guess it's for use with collets. Seems like a good idea to mount the slide directly to the headstock, rather than the bed - anyone seen one of these before?

    All of the gear, no idea...

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    Yup. Had them on our little process lathes at the old place.

    Once you load up the lathe tail stock turrent with tooling and add 2 turning/forming bits on the crosslide, you have to use this for cutoff. It is normally used in a production type shop, but it would work great for the HSM.

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      Siliar to the Hardinge style. Heck it may be a rip-off of Hardinge's or the other way around for all I know. Or from somebody els'es design. But they ony work with collets. Also they have to set up just right or they don't work very well as they can have a tendency for the tool to grab. But when set-up properly the worker slicker than snot.
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