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    Acer makes a model with the 15in screen at your price point. Good one not exceptional but pretty good.
    Jim, By the river enjoying life...


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      <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by David E Cofer:
      Don't ask me, I made a mess of my purchase. Looked pretty good.

      Evan or one of the computer guru's can direct you.

      I love the wireless, check into a motel, set it on the table, turn it on.. about 75% of the time it hooks up and you are net surfing.
      Reminds me of a story. My oldest daughter lives in Cali. The last time she changed appartments she had to wait two months for her wireless service. So she would drive around the neighborhood with her laptop on and stop when she got a signal and read her email.


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        I was involved in with a "skip tracer" a few weeks back. They tried to hire me to locate someone who has been living out of motels.

        My suggestion? one of the ip addressable cameras on ebay and old clunker cars. Park it at the motels and watch for him on the net.

        They sent this small build attractive woman out of one of the local PI shops on her own. I kinda guess she is heavily insured back to the company via contract. She had no martial arts experience, nor combat training, nor any basic self defence, nor any common sense.

        Yeah, I love my laptop, have trouble keeping it in the case. It is on the coffee table now where visitors can prop thier feet on it.
        Excuse me, I farted.


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          Turbo Cad doesnt require massive resources. It runs just fine on my compaq presario, 1.6ghz 768 megs of ram.(It ran fine with 256 megs of ram in xp).
          Need to ask yourself if a notebook is really what you want, and if so, go look at them in person.


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            This laptop does have a numerial key pad. I bought two of them last year for my tax office. (we simply cannot do with a numerical key pad) It also has a 17 inch screen. A little costly tho....


            Paul in NE Ohio
            Paul in NE Ohio


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              Thanx to all for your replies. I am anxious to use the program but now realize this notebook purchase is not something to rush.