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    Phil, I use Excel a whole lot too. That was the single best class I ever took in High school.
    Why a programmable calculator? Simple, it fits in your pocket, goes where you go.

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      Does anyone know of a pocket calculator that runs plain old BASIC (or any other high level language) like the pocket computers that Radio Shack used to sell many years ago? I don't want a PDA or a fancy hi res color screen, just a real pocket computer that I can easily program.

      The ones that Radio Shack sold only ran an hour or so on a set of batteries. With todays technology they should be able to run nearly indefinitely.
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        Evan, both the TI89 and TI83 are programmed in their own type of basic, actually its more like a script than anything else. Some one made a C compiler for the Ti89 and I wouldnt doubt that they exist for the ti-83 as well. And ofcourse you can also program them in asm.
        Ofcourse you can download a Ti Calc emulator, find a rom of the particular calculator your considering, and play with it before you ever buy it. Ofcourse finding the rom is the tricky part being copywrighted and all that.


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          <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Paul Alciatore:
          Well, I guess I'm cheap because I have a couple of Casios. They probably don't do as much as the HPs or TIs, but I have yet to find anything I needed to do on them that they won't do. A couple or three years ago I got the CFX-9850GB on clearance at Wal-Mart for about $35. As far as I am concerned, you can't beat that.
          Paul A.
          Paul, are those Casio's programmable?

          I was looking at a Casio at Target dept store (about $39), but they had them on a display which made it impossible to read all the specs. The young gal (clerk) said 'no' (after I finally made her understand the question). But I don't think she knew the difference between a calculator and a cabbage.
          Lynn (Huntsville, AL)