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    Trying to list some tools on Ebay so I can buy more tools. I haven't sold on Ebay for a couple years and can't figure how to list more than one picture per item. Help would be appreciated.

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    Download Turbo Lister, it is great for free.

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      I downloaded Turbo Lister which took all day with my dial-up connection, but when I go to The first page after selecting "List New Item" the page that comes up next is too large to fit the screen so the buttons at the bottom to select "Next" or "Continue" can't be accesed. How do I make the pages smaller? I am a computer dummy so suggestions need to be real specific. Thanks.


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        Turbo Lister is a pain on a dial-up before uploading it'll have to check for updates and download them first... and it does it every time. If you have a photo editing program size your photos to 460x480 and save them in a new file that you can easily locate and give them each a good descriptive filename. Then just go to eBay ( My eBay) pick sell item and follow the text directions... title... description... ect. When you get to insert photo just hit the browse button and select the file you saved in and pick appropriate photo. If your listing a bunch of stuff you can use MS Word or Notebook to save your text description and just cut and paste in the box to speed listing time up.
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          I haven't had problems listing items on eBay since uh well uhmm I think it was the last time I listed something on eBay.

          If you can't get to the buttons on the bottom of a page, sometimes you can "left click and hold" on the bottom edge of the border at the top, and drag the page up far enough to get to the buttons.

          You can also go to "View" and uncheck "Status Bar". That will get you a little more of the page at the bottom.

          Another trick is to go to "View", "Toolbars", and "Customize". On that page, select "small icons". Then remove any buttons you don't use much, and move the address window to the top of the toolbar, so the toolbar is only one line deep.

          Doing both of those things will get you almost 3/4" more viewing area.

          Hope that helps.
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            There are basically two ways to list multiple pics on eBay.

            One is to upload them to eBay when you're setting up your auction. There's a page with about a dozen little "browse" boxes for your pictures. eBay charges you for those (the first pic is free, 2 or more cost extra).

            The other way is to put a link to an external image in the text of your item description. The link would be to an image file stored on PhotoBucket or some free storage site like that. I put my eBay images on some web space I already have for my sites. Your ISP often gives you some space with your account.

            The link you type in looks like

            <img src="">

            Put in as many of those as you need.