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  • Shaper poll

    I've been seeing pictures of people's shops on here for years and many have shapers in them,but I have been wondering.

    First,how many here use the're shapers and second how often do they get used?

    Since I'm the one asking I'll be the first to answer.

    I have a shaper,it sits outside in the rain it never gets used.At work we have three,no maybe four and the last one to get used was a 20"Cinn about three years ago just before we bought our big broach set.
    I used to use them more often nearly once a month and even cut some rack gears on them,but as the years have passed the uses get fewer and fewer.

    So how is it by you?
    I just need one more tool,just one!

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    I used mine the other day to make a little dovetail part.


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      I used to use mine a lot. That was "before mill".

      A shop re-arrangement, and acquisition of a newer shaper shifted several machines to where I can't use them easily.... shaper, die filer, bandsaw, and grinder. Newer shaper is a long-term scraping project, not done yet.

      I am trying to find a way to get the old one back in use, since it can't be beat for flattening surfaces, etc. The mill sucks by comparison for that.

      I've "milled" on a shpaer, cut gears on a shaper (bevel, at that), etc, etc. I like them. Just had to move SOMETHING and those items got moved.

      Shaper I can do without, of course, because the mill does more. But I have no intention of not having a shaper in a usable place for much longer.

      Keep eye on ball.
      Hashim Khan


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        Throw a tarp over it D. I'll be up to take it off your hands.


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          i have a 7" south bend, i use it to square up stock for the mill. tom


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            Used the 14S to make a tapered steped block to fit in a fly cutter head on Monday, so I could chuck the fly cutter head and open up the threads.014". Asian head wouldn't fit the 1-1/2" - 18tpi adapter. Also squared up some plates for a 25 ton press I am building. Week before I beveled some plate for welding, and a couple of 5/8" and 3/4" keyways. My son used shaper also but I don't know what he was making, I just saw the chips on the shaper vice and table.



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              I am on my third shaper, iv'e had a 10" Alba, an 8" Boxford, and now use a 7" Atlas.

              Mine gets used for profiling replacement teeth for antique musical box combs, if a mill is used it generates too much heat and distorts the thin material, the shaper works nice and slow, and everything stays flat.



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                I use one alot as an excuse. I tell SWMBO that not having having a 7" Atlas is the reason nothing gets done around the house.
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                  My 14M gets used at least a couple of times per month, mostly for "parting off" thick plate & chomping square / rectangular section down to required size.
                  It is probably quicker than & certainly saves excessive wear & tear on my relatively light duty master toolmaker mill.

                  Wishing all you good fellows a happy & contented New Year



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                    Used mine the other day to put a flat on some worm gears for a fellows telescope. Used it cus the mill was set up for something different. I like mine. I try to use it once a month. Just to keep my mind sharp if for nothing else.

                    Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.


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                      I have had four Atlas 7" shapers. I have used all of them to make a profit.

                      I did keep one for a couple of years and tried it. It was kind of fun, but took an inordinate amount of time to accomplish anything. With a milling machine next to it, it was mainly taking up space needed for something else. When the T&C grinder showed up, it went.

                      I have never missed it. I made almost a $1000 profit on that one, used $30.00 of that to buy two dovetail cutters.
                      Jim H.


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                        Use mine as much as the mill drill. Shaper tooling is less expensive for special shape


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                          I don't have a mill, so I use my 7" South Bend a lot, especially cutting down scrap that I have scrounged to a usable size and shape. I used to have an Atlas--I think that I like it better than the South Bend because it is more "operator friendly"--you don't have to crawl into its guts to adjust the stroke, and you can precisely set the position of the ram without guessing.


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                            I use mine 24/7 to hold up a shop blanket Thinkin bout ebayin her on up. I better get out there and cut something to get those thoughts out....JRouche
                            My old yahoo group. Bridgeport Mill Group



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                              <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by JRouche:
                              I use mine 24/7 to hold up a shop blanket Thinkin bout ebayin her on up. I better get out there and cut something to get those thoughts out....JRouche</font>
                              DON'T DO IT! You're the reason I got mine...