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  • procon for tig cooler

    My current cooler with an impeller pump just isn't pumping enough volume through the lines so I ordered this:
    I looked on the procon site and couldn't find out much about it.
    Anyone know anything about these?

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    Benard used pumps like these in past years. I do not know if they still use that style, but i think they do. Some of the older Miller coolers used Oberdorfer pump's. 1/4 inch bronze gear pumps(model N2000). Do a search for it and it will pop up. At work we have a Little Gaint pump in a 5 gal bucket with no problem. At home here i have a miller cooler with a gear pump but not sure the brand. I do know that a new pump like the ones in the older miller coolers from oberdorfer is like $200. I use these for the sausage stuffer's that i have built.

    This may help,



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      I have been using a decent teel pump but the torch still gets hot and there's just a trickle of water flowing. I think it may be because I have 25 ft leads. I'd hate to melt down a cable.

      I don't get the sausage connection?

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        When my Linde cooler sprung a leak years ago I bought a cheap transmission cooler add-on at autozone, put a fan behind it and used the gear pump from the old Linde. Has worked fine for years.


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          I have a heater core that I was using along with the Teel pump. I was reading some stuff on the net and they it seems that 40 psi and a liter/min is needed for proper cooling. My pump was only filling about 1" of a quart jar in a minute.

          Most of the commercial coolers use the procon pumps but I'm not sure which model.

          I was welding some aluminum today and after a few minutes at about 150 amps the torch started getting warm. It would cool off after about 30 seconds but then it would get warm again.

          Hopefully when I get this rigged up I won't have to worry about it...