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running cooler off welder...

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  • running cooler off welder...

    I just got a pump that's 220v/2.8 amps that I'm going to use for a torch cooler. I had my old cooler plugged into the 110v outlets on the welder panel which turned the cooler on with the welder.

    I was thinking about hooking this pump directly up to the contactor in the welder. The welder has 100 amp input.

    Is there any reason not to do this? I really don't want to damage my machine but the current draw seems so low and I really don't want another circuit on the breaker box.

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    Should work but....

    The pump wont be protected and if you wanna weld without cooling (stick) theres no off button..

    So kill both birds with one switch...Put a circuit breaker switch inline with the supply, rated for the pump motor. JRouche

    Better make it a GFI breaker also,

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      I guess I'll just install a new line. I need a 220 on that side of the shop for the plasma cutter. Kill 3 birds

      Man sometimes simple projects just grow and grow...


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        <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by hoffman:
        Man sometimes simple projects just grow and grow...</font>

        Isn't that the truth!!

        Must be that O'l leg bong connected to the whatsit bone deal....

        Seems like anything I wanna do anymore cannot be completed with the required steps..

        Always something either breaks, doesnt fit, got lost, designed wrong, (be me) I break more than what was broke to begin with, I get broke (bleedin right now actually), I am broke (mulla), so on and so on...

        Always something gettin in my way of just steppin through a job, oh well, gotta get to steppin....JRouche
        My old yahoo group. Bridgeport Mill Group


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          Yep, so I get this screamin' deal on a nice pump with a motor because it's a 220v motor. I only have like a bazillion nice grounded 110v cords around that I can't use so now I have to round up a 220v plug and add a receptical...