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Mounting Mill/Lathe Unit?

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  • Mounting Mill/Lathe Unit?

    Hello again,

    I am setting up where to mount my new toy, and have a bench set up for it.
    question one, what is the ideal height for this?
    Also should the top be made of Steel, I have a .250 by 32, 64 piece of plate lying around, should I bolt that to the top of my bench and then the machine to it?


    Mike in Whitby

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    Machine height has been discussed before; try digging back through the archive and see what you find.

    Generally, for a lathe, the recommendation is to have the carriage handwheel height such that your forearm is horizontal when you're turning it (the handwheel, not your forearm!).

    A steel top would certainly add rigidity. Not strictly necessary, but it wouldn't hurt. One thing you might do is thread some studs into the plate, in the bolt-down locations for the machine, secure them in the plate with Loctite, put 4 nuts and 4 washers on the studs, all the way to the bottom, set the machine on top of the nuts/washers on the studs, and then bolt down with 4 more nuts/washers. Then you can use the bottom nuts to adjust the machine for alignment, instead of having to futz around with shims.
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