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    I guess I should have asked here first. I tried to join a CNC group over at Yahoo and was DENIED! I guess they meant it when they said by invitation only. Such omniscience. Is that spelled right? Anyone know of a good group Yahoo or elsewhere that is into CNC? I've questioned here before and followed threads but would like to see some more of the world.


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    Just who the F--- are they to deny you? Buncha prima donnas. Find a friendlier us! Try They have a CNC forum and are a nice bunch. Some names from this board show up there, so they must be a-ok.

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      Here's one to try


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        Try This group. They seem to have open membership and are for the HSM.



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          Jim, don't know what you need but "Converting lathe to CNC" here has answered a lot of my questions. John


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            We ain't proud. We'll take anyone here.
            Even that Thrud, and Metal Mite guy.


            Some here may have a couple years of CNC experience too.



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              CNC; that stands for crackers 'n cheese to go with the whine right?
              Lots of experience with that here.
              Jim H.


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                The question is,"What kind of CNC group are you looking for"? Some of us use/teach CNC.
                I have been a MasterCam instructor/user for at least 15 years. I also use several different CAD packages to feed the MasterCam. As far as building CNC machines, that is someone elses forte. So try some questions and thoughts and see what happens.


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                  Don't waste your time with the Google groups. Just a bunch of aszholes bitching at each other, or someone's trying to sell you porn or pecker medicine or something.


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                    Brian H.
                    I fully agree with your remarks about the alt.machines.cnc newsgroup.
                    If you don't own the latest all singing all dancing VMC with at least 12K's worth of software you can't play.
                    If you are interested in any subject if you look carefully enought you will find a private or semi private group well away from the cattle news groups.
                    This group is one such group. I used to read rec.crafts.metalworking but it's so off topic and full of troll posts it's now unreadable.
                    Many of the posters who were on when I first started have also left. A few have moved over onto this group.
                    There are two groups on Yahoo that deal with CNC home topics.
                    One is
                    This is a moderated group that only deals with the CNC aspect as regards machines. No OT post are allowed even if it covers certain aspects that relate to home CNC machines. How to use one in respect of speeds and feeds etc isn't allowed. IMO it's too moderated. Myself and a few others have even been banned for asking or answering these sort of questions.
                    With this in mind a guy called Steve Blackmore who has a lot of knowledege on computers, electronics and mini mills has started his own group up.
                    This is also on Yahoo at :-
                    No where near as tightly moderated as the other group. If it relates to CNC or CNC machining than it's OK
                    It's listed as cadcamuk but anyone if free to join. Membership has to be approved but this is only to stop the spammers joining up. Incidently this wasn't the group that denied Jim.
                    Feel free to join if you are interested in CNC. Lurk or participate as you feel.
                    Don't be frightened if you are a beginner. There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.

                    John S.

                    Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.