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  • Pallas milling machine

    Hi Guys,
    Great site. I have been reading and watching for some time now. I recently acquired a Pallas horizonal milling machine with a verticle burke head attachment from an auction. Its a very solid mill weighing about 1200lbs. I'm in the process of reconditioning this machine which is probably 60 years old mill and was wondering if anyone one had technical information on it. I have the information fron the site, but it is very limited.

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    My God I thought I had the only one of them...Well now we know at least two were imported to Oz...

    I don't know anything about your model but mine was a bit bigger(and worn out)...was being the right word as I have recently dismantled it and got all the useful parts out of it scrapped the rest....

    Precision takes time.


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      Wow Ringer I thought mine was solid, yours has a few more levers and gadgets as well. At least they will make good boat anchors. The only other one I have seen was on a web site in New Zealand but the guy did not know what make it was. Mine is in pritty good condition for its age, it had a 2.5 hp three phase motor on it. It was imported to Perth by Wembco.