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  • CAD question

    I was wondering the used book store and I ran across a new in the box Turbo CAD 3D ver 9.2

    I want to start playing with CAD since most of the fancy cuesticks use CNC milling, but just dont know anything about it.

    For $20, is it worth it?
    Will I ever be able to use it on a cnc mill?

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    Turbocad is not the best software for 3d, well I use it for 2d stuff. Thats the version I actually bought for 100$ It has some quirks I dont like with the boolean add and subtract. It is not a CAM program, you can make your dxf files with it then you need to convert those to G code that the machine can read. For 20$ for a legit copy, I'd say it would be worth it for learning to use cad. Cheaper than a book!


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      I agree. For $20 it's a great place to start. TurboCAD's not a really great platform but it will introduce you to CAD operations. Certainly easier learning curve than AutoCAD.

      Cadwiz, Clinton, LA


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        TurboCAD is a fine CAD program. I've used older versions for years due to my older, slower computers and was always happy with it. Much easier to learn CAD on your own than A/CAD plus it'll save in ACAD release 12 or 14 .dwg and .dxf formats. Best 20 spot you'll ever spend.

        I've only used it for 2D drawing and 2 1/2D CNC routing work. Haven't done any 3D stuff yet. I assume you'll need 3D to engrave cuesticks. You can teach me when you learn!

        "Accuracy is the sum total of your compensating mistakes."

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          Thanks guys!

          Alot of todays cuemakers are using 4 axis milling to achieve some fantastic results.

          But I dont even have a mill. But in the mean time no reason not to learn something.


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            It might be worth checking out Alibre Express if you want to get into 3-D design.

            It's the free version of Alibre Design and has some limitations, but might work well for you and can be upgraded at extra cost to versions that have CAD-CAM capability.

            Mike Henry near Chicago