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model rail guages?

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  • model rail guages?

    hi, im 45 years old and at no time have i ever been in the slightest bit interested in model steam engines, but for the past 2 weeks for some reason im fasinated by the whole idea of building a steam engine and boat. im looking for boiler accesories and im confused to what the different sized fittings are, what determines a 7 1/4" loco, is it the boiler diameter?


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    7.25" scale is the distance the two tracks are seperated by, also called 1.5" scale as 1.5" = 1 foot, roughly. They are long term projects.


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      hi,,ok thanks billh


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        billyboy; here is a link to my steam engine and boat.

        Don\'t ask me to do a dam thing, I\'m retired.


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          Yes, 45 is a bad age. Strange things can happen without warning.


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            Yep, strange things can happen mentally and physically to someone after they reach 45+, and especially 50+. At least that's what I've heard.


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              GENERALLY SPEAKING, I think this is how it works out:

              1/8 scale locomotives run on 7 1/4" (or 7 1/2") gauge track.

              1/12 scale locomotives run on 5" (or 4 3/4") gauge track.

              1/16 scale locomotives run on 3 1/2" gauge track.

              The variations in gauge for 1/8 and 1/12 scale tend to be regional, so if you plan to build a locomotive to one of those scales, check your local club track first to see what gauge is used, if you ever plan to run it on their track.

              This correspondence may get upset if you're modeling narrow gauge locomotives (2' gauge), since the locomotive and track gauge are already less than "standard."

              If you're into locomotives, subscribe to "Live Steam" magazine for a while.

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