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    This company makes some interesting milling cutters.Their flycutters and shell mills have a unique type of insert and setting into the tool. I was wondering if anybody has used these products and are they any good. The inserts are very expensive and the holders aren't cheap either. You can check them out on their website


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    They have a web special for $25, email them if you don't see it. I have 2 of these and love them. You can get a great finish, better than any fly cutter I've seen.

    The inserts are expensive, but they index on their holding screw, so you can rotate them and get many new cutting edges. Seems pretty economical to me. I haven't replaced an insert yet. I've used them on everything from hardened steel to aluminum and get a great finish.



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        Is $25 a typo? If not, what did you get for $25.

        [QUOTE]Originally posted by gglines:

        They have a web special for $25, email them if you don't see it. ...snip...


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          The Website special price is $29.95. For that you get an MM200 holder and one insert. The special is carefully hidden on this page:

          You have to look carefully under MM200 to find it.

          The inserts have 12 index postions and two sides for 24 possible cutting edges. I bought one for work 18 months ago and liked it enough to buy one for home also. I have yet to wear out an insert. So, even at $25 the inserts are not overpriced.

          The inserts are made so that they have more material supporting the cutting edge than other inserts, so are less likely to break/chip. And they give a wonderful surface finish.

          I'm a happy user.

          Mike L
          Amateur machinist, self-taught. I had a poor teacher, but I was a good student.
          Mike L
          Amateur machinist, self-taught. I had a poor teacher, but I was a good student.


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            Found the special and ordered one last night. Will report back when it comes in and I test it.


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              I ordered one also and got the 3 pack of inserts ($60) also - so for about $100 I should have a "lifetime" supply of inserts for the little beast.

              PS: nice folks to do business with

              PSS: there is also a multi-insert face mill on sale, but you will have to hunt through the offerings to fine the web special price
              (about $150, I think)


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                Thanks everyone for the help, going to order a MM-200 today.



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                  We have some at the shop with R-8 shanks. Worked great on 6061, acetels, 660 bronze. They didn't seem worth a damn on steels. The problem is that the radius on the insert increases the cutting forces over square cutting insert mills. As long as tou restrict them to light surface cuts you should be alright. One nice thing is that you lunch the insert completely you should be able to get 16 edges out of them. We got them through Valenite so we probably paid a stiff mark up. First saw these in a toolsupply house in Racine WI about 28 yrs ago. so they've been around while.
                  Forty plus years and I still have ten toes, ten fingers and both eyes. I must be doing something right.


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                    Like what I saw, but still very partial to LOVEJOY cutters. This is a local supporter of my machining program, but I just adore their milling cutters. Can anyone say "remove .250 depth by 1 1/2 inch wide" on 1018 on a bridgeport at 1200 RPMs? Leaves a heck of a finish.........Used one yesterday on 303 stainless to mill off .600 x 3 inches, did this with .200 depth at 1 1/4 inch wide.

                    CCBW, MAH


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                      I drool. Does Lovejoy have a web address?