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    Heya guys, was down at the farm yesterday messing round when I discovered something....

    I threw up a quickie page on it.. Check it out iffin ya take the notion.

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    Thanks for sharing!


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      Thanks for that,I got a few pieces of green iron here too.

      I like the two cylinder engines and the turbo sixes,the rest they can have except for the 3cly diesels like in the 2010 and 300 series utility.

      My grandad had one of the early four clyinders,a 1010? I think it was,seems it had the cylinder liners made one piece in a bank,sick was the word I use on that machine,even new it never made much power.Lil Ford 3000 would drag in around in circles.Sold that one fast,very weak engine case too as I recall.

      My brother currently owns all three JD pieces in the family,got a 4420,damn good tractor there and a 310e utility loader(in pieces)and just got an old 520?Gas,also in pieces.
      I just need one more tool,just one!


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        I may be mistaken but didn’t the first John Deere diesels have a built in gas pony engine? Anyone know for sure?


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          Mike Burdick,

          Not the first John Deere (most were hand-cranked gasoline/kerosene) but by model "R" there was a 5hp gasoline engine used to start the main diesel engine.


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            Yes,Deere 2 cylinder diesels either had a pony motor, or it was an option (later models).

            The R has 2x 5.75" by 8" cylinders with a 18.5:1 Compression ratio. You can't turn that by hand at all. Electric systems would take 4x 6v batteries to crank it over, and even then in the winter it may not fire up very easily. Deere took a page from Cat and threw a 26.x CID Horizontally opposed 2 cylinder gas engine, started by 6v electric, to fire the main diesel plant. The R was the only tractor to use a 2 cyl pony. Beginning with the 70 and 80 Deere went to a V4 gasser. With the intro of the 20 and 30 series, all diesles could be purchased with a direct drive 24v electric starting system.


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              This is interesting as I grew up with some of these tractors. I went to the John Deere web site and read some of the history of the company but could not find a tractor history. Do you know of any web site that would have a "picture" history so to speak?



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                Actually, I've not seen a picture 'timeline' like thing for Deere's either. I should throw one together sometime...

                If you're interested in Deere, There are 2 books you have to have.

                1. "John Deere Tractors and Equipment 1837-1959"
                2. "John Deere Tractors and Equipment 1960-1990"

                These 2 books cover Deere's start, the beginning of the tractor works with the purchase of the Waterloo Engine works, the D, and all other models of 2 Cylinder up to the 840i. The last picture is of a 3pt mounted 8 bottom plow on the back of an 8010.

                The 2nd book covers the 10-60 series (1993 or 4 is when the books were published and at the time the 45,47,4960's where in production.)

                These books also cover harvester works and implements that Deere produced for the years they cover.


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                  "The Big Book of John Deere tractors" is another good read.

                  The tame Wolf !