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I must have a real problem!

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  • I must have a real problem!

    We MIG welded in my class tonight. It's OK but I really prefer O/A welding.

    What's wrong with me?

    Seriously, I've never heard anyone say they like O/A better than other welding processes. I know each process has it's place but O/A is just plain fun!

    Anyone else have this problem?

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    It wears off. When I was learning O/A I was convinced I would O/A weld everything in the future. When I learned how to TIG, I completely forgot about O/A.


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      Dan...wait til you try to weld a long uphand gas weld on 1/4" steel. You'll fry your rod hand and it will tone down your love of O/A welding.
      I went through the same thing...used to try to gas weld averything also. Try 1" thick steel sometime...that's a treat also.
      Did you know they used to gas weld railroad track? I hear the heat was almost unbearable.
      BTW...did the instructor show you how he welds alu with smoke?(and or mirrors)
      I have tools I don't even know I own...


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        When you're trying to build something big, O/A is just too
        slow. I'll take the MIG any day; I can stick square tube together _way_ faster. For thick/pressure stuff, the
        big Lincoln stick welder is perfect.

        - Bart
        Bart Smaalders


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          as stated above just wait til u try tig, its almost as relaxing as flying a small plane, sooooo much fun, i tig thin stainless almost every day, at work that is, just flip down your helmet and forget about the rest of the world, well in my world anyway LOL.


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            I'm sure you guys are right. The technology behind MIG is impressive. After enough practice MIG should become second nature. An auto-darkening helmet would definitely make things more enjoyable.

            I know it's better for some applications and I'll probably buy a MIG welder later but right now it's not nearly as relaxing as O/A.

            I am very impressed with the way MIG works. It was my first experience with using electricity to weld (except a few spot welds I made in junior high shop class). I didn't realize before last night how it still develops the puddle and works very much like O/A in many respects. I suppose that's why it's best to learn O/A welding first.

            Russ, no aluminum welding demonstrations yet.


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     stay with the O/A welding as long as it interests you. Try welding lots of different things with it. You will learn far more than if you just start pointing a "squirt gun".
              Our college "forces" all welding students to take about 2 months of intense O/A welding before they are allowed to graduate to stick welding. 99% of them hate gas welding but they don't realise how it all relates.
              I have tools I don't even know I own...


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                Well pgmrdan, I'd have to agree with you. O/A is slower, sure, but it is more fun than MIG. I'm not a great welder, but when I have the time and equipment, I can finesse O/A better than MIG. I should have learned O/A first, but I started with MIG. O/A practice has made my MIG stuff better, though. The biggest reason I don't have an O/A setup in my shop is that it's at my house, and I'm not comfortable with a tank of acetylene here. Based mostly on what I read here, I'm eventually going to take the plunge into TIG. Eventually.

                For the whole picture, however, I'll defer to torker, and to some extent 3Phase. I'm guessing 3Phase's experience more closely parallels your own, allowing of course that he's further along. I've also seen some "show-off" photos of torker's welds.

                I just think it's cool to be able to easily stick all this metal together to make cool stuff.
                The curse of having precise measuring tools is being able to actually see how imperfect everything is.


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                  Gas welding takes more skill,mig if you can squeeze toothpaste from a tube you can mig weld.

                  I like both,I still like stick,I don't care which process I use.To me freedom is being profecient in as many processes as I have equipment.
                  I just need one more tool,just one!