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Motor for Qourn grinder

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  • Motor for Qourn grinder

    Where car I find a small 1/4 1/3 h.p. motor to use on a Qourn cutter grinder I am builbing . Nothing in Granger or Mc Master carr Ican find Help!I will open another nest of Alligators.

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    You might browse here-

    Also Baldor makes a few motors that are in the size/type you need,not cheap thou.Seems like they list a 7,500rpm-1/2hp motor that retails for around $265.

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      I got my Quorn kit from D&M MOdel Engineering, which is long out of business. They supplied a 1/8 hp Dayton motor for it, which is plenty. No way you need 1/3 or 1/4 hp for a Quorn.
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        I just sold a dozen dc motors and drives.

        I have about half a dozen air conditioning fan blower motors Butch has tore the packaging off of and dragging around the yard by the wires. I'd say they are close to trash.

        I don't think he will ever grow up out of the puppy stage. Probably takes after me.

        I'll look around in the morning to see what I have here. I know I saw some 1/2 hp DC motors, I know I saw two 2hp dc 180 armature motors that are larger than the quorn.
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          Go find an old washing machine.
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