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OT -I think David built this...

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  • OT -I think David built this...

    click on "download server one" on the first cartoon

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    Naw - I'm guessing that David built the tools that made it.

    The curse of having precise measuring tools is being able to actually see how imperfect everything is.


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      Ya;ll are giving me more credit than where credit is due.

      I throwed one thing out today. I worked on a mandrel to turn english wheel anvils, down from 1" to 3/4 axles, turned a hub to bolt to the 5 radial holes I drill in the anvils.

      Yep, screwed that right up, pitched it down into the woods. It had about a 1/8" wobble in it. (heat warp?) Not true at all. Someday I will start looking down the hill for all the dissapointments. One guy picked up two fenders I worked on for about two days, then throwed out. He bondo'ed it and is going to run it he says.

      I could not get the video to play in Mepis Linux. I could hear it, not see.

      I am still thinking on how to build the next arbor.

      Edison tried quite a few thousand times to make a lightbulb. When people poked fun at him, he said he proved "thousands of ways not to make a light bulb" and one way that worked.

      Of course, Nikola Tesla had radiant Energy bulbs with a single excitor per building, no wires. I wonder how much RF of medically dangerous energy the people in the building endured? Then? if the doctor could not "prove" what killed you, you died of natural causes. Hence the early Stupidity burning of doctors by X-ray machines. They were experimenting and cooking themselves.
      Excuse me, I farted.


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        Maybe that is my problem? I don't have a "Disappointment Mountain" nearby. I keep all my projects , good or bad, inside shop. Walking thru a knee deep pile of "disappointments" is hard on the ego !!
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        Thank you to our families of soldiers, many of whom have given so much more then the rest of us for the Freedom we enjoy.

        It is true, there is nothing free about freedom, don't be so quick to give it away.


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          I got a pretty good ideal most people are too vain to admit thier failures.

          I personally know, I am not perfect. All the time I tattooed, I can't remember one "perfect" tattoo. Never saw one. I have saw them that people say are perfect, sometimes that means hiding the mistakes really well.
          Most times I had more respect than to point out the flaws. They have shows and contests for that, festivals to knock egos and pump them. It takes a redheaded (clear skin) person to win them. I guess that is the Artist in me, to be frustrated my whole life trying to achieve perfection in work. It takes someone else at times to point out imperfections. Most people are real good at hiding thier mistakes, even from themselves.

          Some people revel in "showing other peoples mistakes" and wishing them failure. My old business partner, everytime I'd do a magazine quality piece he'd have to snort some more cocaine to boost his failing spirit. He was the teacher, I had been the student. It got the point where I could not financially endure his expensive habit, his moodswings. My take at the COlorado Springs shop was $6500 a week, and the shop was failing. He was doing every bit that much work too. When the junkies, the cops started showing up every evening when he did.. Well It was time to leave him with it.
          I do not do drugs, did not let them around my shop. Yet next day the scent of Marijuana, syringes and beer bottles in the trash. He'd sit there , can full of dirty towels, Hey man, I only did a small tattoo. (I started showing up at closing and taking his money away from him)

          I think braggarts are really just insecure people. Some need a crutch to blame it all on.

          That episode only cost me about $20,000 or so in investment. The thing I throwed down the hill only cost me a few hours work.
          Excuse me, I farted.


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            I try to laugh at my screwups, provided they're not too expensive (in money, time, or blood).

            When I first got my lathe, I cut a short "test bar" out of aluminum. I did half to half inch diameter, and the rest to about a quarter inch. The finish was pretty good, too - I was all pleased and proud of myself. Showed it to the wife, who said it looked like a metal tampon. So I did some more "test cutting". Oh well.
            The curse of having precise measuring tools is being able to actually see how imperfect everything is.