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bridgeport power feed problem

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  • bridgeport power feed problem

    Hi all, I have been lurking for quite a while and figure the talent here will be able to point me in the right direction.
    I posted this question over in Third Hand too, but this board gets more traffic.

    I have a 1957 round ram bridgeport and its power feed is dragging.
    When the motor is ON, the table tries to move from right to left. I can easily hold it back but when I let go of the table feed handle it wants to feed on its own, albeit with no force. When the gearbox feed handle is thrown in either direction it works fine, but in nutral it still wants to feed. Very irritating as hand wheeling the table is difficult in one direction (against the dragging feed box) and real easy in the other; so I'm constantly turing it ON & OFF.

    Anybody know what needs adjustment before I take it apart? Do these have a clutch or is it all grears in there.
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    Who is the manufacturer of the power feed. I am not familiar with the earlier Bridgeport feeds, but the later Servo types do not have a clutch.

    There was a power feed manufactured by Zero Max around that time that would behave as you describe. It did not have a clutch, but was engaged at all times. You could stall it by holding the table back.

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    Jim H.


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      This is the original equipment Bridgport gear drive feed unit. The one with the tracks in the face that let you select about 6 different feeds. Looks like the feed selector on a lathe turned sidways.
      Ignorance is curable through education.


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        All I can think of is that someone has put oil in it that is too thick.
        there is no clutch in it....but there are shafts within shafts that would maybe DRAG if the oil was too thick.

        or maybe's where the pinions and dog clutches are ...just underneath the top plate.......if someone didnt oil this area regularly it would bind
        all the best.....mark

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          Not much goes wrong with the old gear box power feed that not esey to fix the frist thing to check is the drive pin on the lead screw. Ken


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            I'll check the lube tonight. Its been cool here, 30-40 in my shop so if the oil thickned that would definatly be my problem. The oil cup at the bottom shows level, but I didn't oil the top. I thought that was just where you add oil, the bottom cup fills as I put oil in the top.

            Are there slingers in the gear box to carry oil to the top or is it purly a gravity system that needs a shot in the top every night? Ive disasemebled everything else on it but not the feed box. (Yet )

            The old girl has been in crates since I moved from NH last July. I just put her back together this last weekend. I bet the lube is my problem cuz it worked fine in NH.

            This is going to sound silly... Well maybe not to you guys.
            But, Boy! did I miss working with that machine.
            Ignorance is curable through education.


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              There are no slingers in there.
              the oil is a certain level and that just oils the two bottom bearings and worm.
              the top oiling is thru the little oil cups..that runs down the shaft within a shaft and thats it...........there is no lube for the actual gears,............. i don't know how it gets to them.

              I no how you feel,.........I got quite attached to my old car........had it nine years ..but now its time to part with it.........and it ain't even worn out yet .....I feel really guilty for sending the old girl to the scrappers before her time is due.
              because its carried me all over Britain pulling a trailer collecting machinery without complaint or ever letting me down...good old German made ford sierra...good bye old girl...sniff
              all the best.....mark


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                Yup, it was a lube problem. Sitting for 7 months in a crate caused the oil to run to the bottom of the gear box. I put the lube to the top of the box liberally and the dragging problem is back to "normal" (the way it was before the move). The handel jiggles but doesn't try to feed without me telling it to.

                Ignorance is curable through education.