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Dividing Plates for YUASA

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  • Dividing Plates for YUASA

    I posted a message on 23 January with this subject, and when responding to one contributor, I double posted the answer. When trying to eliminate the double post, I unwittingly deleted the original post.

    The issue is that I want to make dividing plates for an 8" YUASA rotary table. I took off the dial, as suggested, and measured the diameter of the shaft at 1.134 inches and the three hole triangular bolt pattern appeared to be 1.75 inches on centers.

    Other rotary tables I have seen have had a center hole slightly bigger than the shaft, but the bolt holes were obviously dead on.

    Does anyone know what the hole diameter and bolt pattern should be for this unit?

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    Do a search for cord formula. 1.75 OC is going to be around a 2" bolt circle. Since you're making it, make the center hole whatever it needs to be.

    Your other topic post is not deleted.


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      I guess it makes more sense now. The radius of a circle with an equilateral triange with length of 1.75 turns out to be 1.

      I would have looked for something simple like that. Thanks.


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        Don't know if this helps or not.....
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          Thanks for the Ebay link, but since my rotary table has a three hole bolt pattern, I suspect this one won't fit.