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  • Bending Cold Rolled

    I've always been an OJT guy with metal. So I threw a piece of nice cold rolled 1 1/2" X 3/16th in my Shop Outfitters bender and cranked it around to 90 degrees. Pulled it out and it had a nasty crack on the outside of the bend. So I figured I'd just throw some weld on it and make it look pretty. But first I just twisted it to make sure it had at least a little structural strength first. It broke. So I guess only hot rolled is good for bending without some heat.

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    Almost sound like a set up issue whereas the material is be stretched instead of being bent. Which bender are you using?
    Wow... where did the time go. I could of swore I was only out there for an hour.


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      Stretched is exactly what it looked like. I was using this bender.


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        Cold rolled is a pretty meaningless term these days- it used to mean 1018, but it can be almost anything now, with hard spots, inclusions, and highly varying carbon content.
        But Cold Rolled almost always is harder than hot rolled, even if only a bit because of the work hardening.
        I have found that cold rolled will not bend to as tight a radius as hot rolled.
        Now if you want to really see something snap, try bending a piece of rebar that same way....

        The shop outfitters is not as flexible as a real hossfeld in terms of different radius of bend- but figure that for cold rolled, especially 1/2" round and bigger, you need at least a 1/2" radius bend, and 1" is safer-the radius of bend goes up with the diameter of the metal- not that you could bend 1 1/2" with your shop outfitters, but on the hossfeld, I would be going towards a 1" or 1 1/2" radius on 1 1/2" round.

        The same thing happens with cold rolled sheet- if you try to bend to sharp a corner on thicker cold rolled sheet, you get a crack all along the bend line. You have to use a slightly radiused bend on thicker, like 1/8", cold rolled sheet.

        This has always been true, its just the newer variable quality cold rolled makes it even worse.


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          You might try grinding the edges opposite
          the bend. I used to have to do that on corten.

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            I was using the right angle attachment for the bend. You're right it was probably too sharp. I threw some hot rolled in bent it. No problem. The thing I like about the Shop Outfitter bender is that the square dies are 2 piece. The instructions say only bend 1 1/4 X 14gauge(max) but I bend 11 gauge all the time with no problem. I just shimmed the die and the leverage handle up 1/4". I'm going to try to bend some 1 1/2" 14 gauge next weekend. I've got the old model so I'm going to put a couple of C-Clamps in areas where I think the weld may pop. Hmmm...I might even get brave and then try 11 gauge if things go good with the 14 gauge.