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12L14, uses, good for?

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    <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Rustybolt:
    There was a picture in HSM years back of a 12L14 barrel that split.

    I believe that was leaded 4140, 41L40.
    Maybe.... but not a ringing endorsement of leaded steels vs non-leaded for that sort of application.
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      Lyman Bullet moulds, I think are/were made of 12L14


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        Thanks Forest!!
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          Good point Forrest,I forget that I have been welding for 16+ years sometimes and often take it for granted that others would bother to learn the processes involved.

          12L14 is weldable,however any welded parts made from it should be treated like any other part made from it and not subjected to high stress.(can't make chicken salad from chicken s--- after all)

          1144 is also weldable,but here again the same rule applies.

          Both use the same basic process,E7018 and a local preheat to 350-450f then a post weld draw down.

          In any process/material the best you can possibly do is produce a weld that is stronger than the base metal it is joined to,simple as that.If you have selected the wrong material,well back to the chicken salad rule again.

          The weldability of any material falls into the realm of common sense just as alloy selection and or part design.

          Bottom line,when in doubt make a sample and do a destructive test,that is the only way you can ever be sure.In todays world of Asian re-melt steel you can never really be sure even when you follow the books.

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            I'm not a big fan of 12L14 because during my first use of the stuff, I hit some "veins" or fine longitudinal voids a short distance below the surface and then again a bit deeper.

            If I were applying stress to any 12L14 parts, I think I'd use a pretty serious derating of it from its paper specs. Den


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              yes jters i guess we are real stupid we have been 12l14 for over 20 years and never had a blow up. now we are the same dumbasses that are winning matches with the barrels make on home made drilling reaming and rifling machines. alot of the barrels used in the n-ssa are made from 12l14 so i guess they are stupid too.

              know what you are talking about before you call some one stupid.