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What type of brass?

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  • What type of brass?

    What alloy of brass do you guys use to machine bushings? I was looking for like a "bearing" quality brass but couldn't find an alloy number for something like that.

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    I use #660 bronze. It is fairly tough but machines ok if the tools are sharp. Even drilled some #60 holes for lubrication in a block for my shaper's crank follower.



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      There's about a million brass and bronze alloys so generalizations are dangerous, but typically bronze makes a much better bearing than brass.
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        oillite it is good stuff for bushings.
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          hey thanks guys, i'll look at some bronze then too! have to see about oilite...have just been looking at the alloy numbers offered by mcmaster


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            660/932 microcast bronze is what we use at work.It machines well,but requires external means of lubrication.

            Oilite is pourous oil filled sintered bronze,it machines good,BUT when you machine it your cutting tools will usually smear flakes of bronze over the pores and seal them off which decreases the benifit of being self-lubricating.

            It's best to buy readi-made oilite bushings that have the right size bore and machine the od instead of the bore.
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              You will not find 660 bronze at the suppliers.
              It was relabeled as C 932 about 15 years ago when the identity of bronzes/brasses was changed.
              I know Weird used that # in his note