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  • Kwik-Way Grinder Information

    I found this vintage Kwik-Way grinder from the 30's and I was wondering If anyone has a manual for it. It's a valve grinder but it also has a powered head for grinding between centers. It's a real cool machine with all kinds of do-dads. I used it to clean up the shank on some reamers.

    Here's a couple more pictures. In the first one I'm using the machine to clean up a reamer shank. The second one is an accessory I found rusting in a pile of crap in the same building where the grinder was. The second accessory couples with the power head and turns a rod perpendicular to the grinding wheel. It supports the part between three wheels. You can drop the rod out quickly by use of a hand lever.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Neat machine! Looks like lots of fun in the future. Have you checked with Kwik-Way? I think they're still there. Leastways a friend was going to go around to them and buy some cutters recently.

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      Ahh like it.
      Excuse me, I farted.


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        Just when I think I've seen it all, you guys come up with another neat toy. I would definitely keep that guy.

        Dave da Slave , BFH


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          Quik-Way will have nothing to do with machines built pre 60's. I met the guy who's dad bought the company out and he doesn't even have a manual for this guy. Looks like I'm going to fly blind with this one.