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CnCing a 1951 Leblond with pictures, Jib crane, Forrest?

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  • CnCing a 1951 Leblond with pictures, Jib crane, Forrest?

    The converted Lathe.

    The cnc drive, the existing cnc bridgeport. I wiggled, jiggled, pressed, pryed the two to get the two bed travels within .003 within 10 inches of cnc mill bed travel via dial indicator on the lathe bed. I anchored the lathe right there. I don't have anchors to mount the mill, I will have to build some centering plates and anchor them to the floor.

    Toolpost from cnc mill will be on a piece of 2inch square stock I have. Weight dampens harmonics. It must reach the backside of work, meaning the machine must run in reverse or tool must be upside down.

    The JIb-crane that is kicking my butt. I added the triangulated reinforcement on top as a afterthought. It hits everything in the ceiling. Note the communication cables hanging in midair. Two or three days work to move pipes, conduits and cables. No more crying with a hurt back thou. I can push a button to load the fender die into the cnc press. That damn hoist is too fast thou.

    I have already swung my 300 pounds on the end of the jib, It is certified to 300pounds now (*HAH), at the six foot extension that is what? 1800lbs torque transmitted to the cnc press frame? it does not bow, wiggle or droop with my weight on it. The Cold rolled swivel pin will fail before anything out there on the jib.

    I moved the machines on Saturday, why my wife was home to call 911 if need be. Sunday I rerouted the 30 amp temporary romexes to machines. They need a conduit again.

    Suggestions? COmments?
    Excuse me, I farted.

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    Yeah, it's to crowded. Get rid of that lathe, grinder, crane, motors, and most of those 5 gal buckets, then you'll have more space. Do you need my address

    Today I will gladly share my experience and advice, for there no sweeter words than "I told you so."
    Today I will gladly share my experience and advice, for there no sweeter words than "I told you so."


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      There is a newer leblond on ebay, right now at $525,. Seems it was the east coast.

      Not sure what kinda shape.. I was looking for a taper attachment. With the sliding leblond leadscrew I could just rig a deal between the slide and the cnc mill. Use the front side cutting post.

      How/where to find accessories on a 1951 model lathe thou?

      Too bad you are not close by, Techie:.. I got more ideas than I have time. Some are worth a few bucks maybe?
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        David, I have a 1947 19"x54" LeBlond, which
        had a hydratrace unit. I took it off, but there
        is a bunch of stuff which one may rig up a taper att. with. If you are interested, you can have it. (you pick it up).

        BTW, I need a steady rest for this lathe, the one that came with it is for a somewhat smaller lathe.



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          I am not even sure what a hydra trace is?
          The main part I'd need is the cross feed screw, it has a slip joint in it.
          I looked in the manual thinking I might build it.

          I think, since I get so close with the cnc bed, I'll just continue on the toolpost mount deal. When the cnc is at full stroke, 18" it is 1/2" away from the rear apron on the lathe. SO, reaching over is not that big a deal. It'd be nice to be able to leave it on the table Ie: calibrated.. but.. Like the indexer it will have to come on and off.

          I felt like crap again today, Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

          50 or so helicopters went over.. I think we are at war, or a major movement.
          Excuse me, I farted.


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            David, A Delta Rockwell 14"lathe has the same slider thing.

            The tame Wolf !


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              Almost settled in Tenn,. found some land for a few $ by a little park up by Knoxville. Went back about 10 yrs later, if a would have spent that few $, I would have $$$$$$$ now, Dollywood.

              Been in and out of the computer last few days. The weather is realy aggravating my aches, etc. Spent most of the time in front of the fire reading.

              Problems are an inevitable and inexticable part of life. In fact, if you're not having some kind of difficulty, you might want to check your pulse.

              When you encounter the choppy waters that must, from time to time, swell in every life, remember that today's problems are simply preparation for tomorrow's, and the next week's, and next year's.

              Sometimes your problems will seem insurmountable. They're not. Sometines your troubles will seem insoluble. But they aren't. In weathering the storm, you must draw strength from others and keep the faith

              One day I will convince myself that that is always true.

              Today I will gladly share my experience and advice, for there no sweeter words than "I told you so."
              Today I will gladly share my experience and advice, for there no sweeter words than "I told you so."


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                Hey David,

                Do you have another pulley with a hook for your hoist? The guys out at one of the other plants had a hoist that looks like yours. Hung the hook onto the hoist and had the other hook and pulley to run the load. It slowed it down to a more managable speed.

                Your hoist may not have this option.


                Look here its a picture of what I am trying to describe.

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                  Yes, Scott:

                  That will cut the speed in half. I found that hook in the box, never dawned on me.

                  I need to rig it to do a direct lift over the cnc press. It is about six inches out of line.

                  I cleared the ceiling today. Moved the conduits and vacuum line. Air lines. Pulled in another 3phase inverter circuit.

                  I got several things accomplished but still not cut a test bar yet with this rig.
                  Excuse me, I farted.


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                    Will say one thing about your pics....I don't feel so bad about the clutter of stuff in my shop now.


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                      Yeah, too small of a building.

                      It is too damn small when you have to put all the tools on rollers and pull one at a time out to use it. (bandsaw, ironworker, welding table, cnc tube bender) Kinda like a squaredance sometimes.

                      For sure. And my wife wants to add onto the house again. Shop has not had a addition.

                      Yeah, I notice people say things, but they never post thier own pictures. Lemme see yours now.

                      Lathe is in .003 of the cnc. Kinda cool. Still not cut a test bar yet. One pass should tell me for sure.
                      Excuse me, I farted.