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Tool grinding jig PT II (lots of pics)

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  • Tool grinding jig PT II (lots of pics)

    For those of you not sick of my grinding pics, here’s a follow up and some shots of it in use

    First off, I redesigned the micrometer tooth rest – it needed more of an offset and longer range. Here it is ready to go – 5 separate silver solder joints on this assembly

    The V block is case hardened and ground all over, also finished the cotters so both the drill stop and tooth rest is very easy to adjust.

    The angles are set on the graduated dials on the universal swivel, I was doing a 118 point with two clearance facets, one at 15 and one at 30 degrees. The drill is placed in the v block and the stop and tooth rest adjusted then tightened down. I generally index the drill and do both cuts on one facet then change the angle of the base to do the second facet or bevel. Over the past couple of week ends I made a mobile stand for bench top T&C – I found it really hard to set up (ie tooth rest) if I couldn't get access all around the machine to view the set up.

    Grinding grinding grinding

    By making different lengths of rod for the drill stop, the rig can hand almost any size drill

    The final result. Yeah, I can sharpen a drill by hand but it will take me a lifetime of Sundays to get so that they are as nice as this. Since they are virtually perfectly symmetrical, the cut very accurately. The one I tried and measured was within a thou, give the limits of small hole gauges.

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    As usual mcgyver, nice work.


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      Yeah I laughed about the "bondo" on the tools.

      I am impressed by the end results.

      Tools should not be so fancy you have to wax them. Looks good thou.

      I plan on copying it.. somewhat.. My own way.
      Excuse me, I farted.


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        Mcgyver, the only reason we would be sick of seeing this thing is because we don't have one for ourselves. That is nice looking work and a very useful tool. I think it is great to be able to freehand grind tools, but it is hard to beat a good machine grind and the consistency of the grind. Do us all a favor hear and make up some prints, I would definetly buy a set from you and I am sure others would too. Better yet, do up an article and send it in to the magazine.
        Jonathan P.


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          PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop posting pictures on here!!

          You're making me feel TOTALLY inadequate - not to mention dirt-poor.

          Every time I see pictures of your projects I try to plan ways to rob the local Wells Fargo Depot!

          Today I will gladly share my experience and advice, for there no sweeter words than "I told you so."
          Today I will gladly share my experience and advice, for there no sweeter words than "I told you so."


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            Wonderful work,just wonderful.

            The tame Wolf !


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              Thanks for posting. It's rather inspirational for us rookies. It must be nice to drill a hole and have both sides of the bit cutting equal amounts of metal. I wonder how you get it that good by hand or do you just put up with half the bit cutting and the other being ground just out of reach of the stock?

              I fooled around in the shop today and had something to post but I'll wait a day or so till your's blows over That is unless someone else blows in here with their new homemade snowblower or something like that.
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                Great job! The pics are great also.... How fast is your rig? Given a couple dozen of different size drills how much trouble(time) would it take to sharpen? Not rying to be a smart a$$ just considering if it would be worth the time and effort to add fixture to "list of items I deffinately need to make". Are you using a [email protected] grinder or a surface grinder with a cup wheel or what? Keep them project pics coming as they inspirational. A picture is worth a 1000 words and takes a whole lot less explaining.
                Kevin Middleton
                Rome Georgia


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                  thanks again for the encouraging words!

                  with the rig set up, ie bolted on the table, its a couple or maybe 5 minutes per drill, most of the time spent waiting for the wheel to spin down so you can get in and index the drill. Then again i've sharpened all of three drill this way so i'll get faster with practice.

                  i will do plans, in fact they are mostly done. don't think i'd sell though, it's a different dynamic selling instead of sharing. you're welcome to them when done.

                  oh yeah, its on a small T&C, but would work equally well on a surface grinder with a cup wheel.

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                  in Toronto Ontario - where are you?


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                    It would be great if you could send me a copy of the plans, I have a B&S #5 surface grinder that could use a little work out...
                    Kevin Middleton
                    Rome Georgia