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P&H tig welder manual

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  • P&H tig welder manual

    Does anyone have a manual and schematic for
    a P & H (Harnischfeger) welder, model #TH30 2HF ? (high frequency TIG 300 amp)
    I've been looking for it on Ebay but haven't seen it yet. Machinery manuals online wants $150.00 for it. Can't afford that right now.
    (Spent everything on tooling )
    The manufacturer went out of business a while back. I got in touch with the co. that bought them out, but they have no paperwork for this machine.
    If anyone can help I would of course be glad to reimburse any expense for copying mailing etc.
    I'm also still looking for any information (manual, specs) for my "Troglia" TPL 15 engine lathe same story with manuals online, except $250.00.

    thanks in advance

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    have you tried Harold Barker?

    His phone number is:

    (419) 634-7328

    He has manuals for everything and a copy machine.

    He does charge, but it's like $12.00 for most manuals.



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      Jerry, thank you very much for that lead.

      Sometimes you need just one little bit of information to get a machine running.
      Sometimes more.


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        Been trying to call Harold Barker. Get answering machine all the time, left message, so far haven't had a reply.
        Maybe he's on vacation? I don't like to fill up peoples answering machines with multiple messages, so I'll wait a bit and hope he gets back to me.
        Thanks again for the lead.


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          I finally spoke with Harold Barker. It seems he has quite a collection of manuals and publications on anything and everything,
          except of course, for the manuals I need
          He doesn't have a website but you can see some of the stuff he has at
          He also has quite a bit of machinery and equipment for sale, and he kept mentioning that he doesn't charge much. He's too far away for me to visit right now, but anyone in Ohio ought to.
          Needless to say, I still need a manual for my Troglia lathe and P&H welder.


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            I have the same (or very similar) machine. The shematics are on the inside of the side covers of the machine...glued in place. Did you check there?
            I have the owners manual which has info on wiring the machine, use of controls and some basic troubleshooting.
            email me at [email protected]
            BTW, i am located in connecticut


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              Thanks Merf23,
              when I got the machine I cleaned it inside and out the only part of the schematic I found was one little corner, which I saved.