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  • Q.C.Toolpost

    This toolpost, made years ago for the unamat lathe returned to me receintly with the passing of my dad.

    This design requires no tapered slots and no fancy machining.

    The key is set in the block with a press fit and may be screwed or pinned.

    The tool blocks can be located on either of two sides in the "V" slots.

    An adapter plate would be useful for the top of the compoumd rest.

    Only one hold down hole was in the block but two added for use on a larger lathe.

    Pictures at:

    This was another quick and dirty project by the metal mite posted in responce to another post.


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    My condolences on the passing of your Father. I am sure he was very proud of you, most dad's are - even if they never said it aloud...

    Requiem In Pace


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      Don't know bout that.
      I was one of the black sheep of the family.
      Didn't really know of his accomplishments till after his death.
      People are so far above you sometimes, you don't know if they are giving you a line of bull, or truth.
      He was like that. Just my dad.
      Loved him most times, couldn't stand him growing up cause of the discipline but thank him now.


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        anytime brother.

        I think that is the nature of the beast - not everyone gets along with their dads. For all his failings, the times we never seen eye to eye, his racist and bigoted thinking - I still felt sad to learn after his death the real reason he was a miserable old bastard. I regret he could never share with me what he went through as a young boy with verbal and physical abuse from his father. Despite all he went through - he never said a word.

        "The human heart holds hidden treasure - in secret kept, in silence sealed." - Bronte

        I hope and pray that each of us can break the silence and appreciate one another more while we can...

        Peace & Grace


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          My father was very stern with all of his children. He explained to me that the reason he was so stern was because he felt we needed a father first, then a friend later. When I had my children I found out what that ment in a way only a father of a strong willed child can.
          my father passed away in 1972 and I still miss him in both his roles in my life.
          please accept my condolances

          Chester Woodward
          Spring Creek nv