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    Hello to ALL,

    I have been out of the "game" of machining for the better part of 1.5 years now (I am back in school because I hate honing). I have just transfered to a school with a Machine shop for open to the students and want to play again.

    I am sure that someone here knows the difference between "Homeshop Machinist" and "Machinist's Workshop." I searched the site to find some information and did not turn up anything that I would consider solid distinguishment between the two.

    I have a few copies of "Homeshop Machinist" and I like it... but I might subscribe to "Machinist's Workshop" if I knew what the difference was.

    It is my hope that when I get done with school... buy a home so that I have space... I will have my own home shop so that I can play... I am not a big fan of production machining (can you tell?). In the mean time I will do what I can in the confines of my campus shop.

    I am glad to have found all of you here in this group... I look forward to many future think tank sessions!


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    Welcome Bob,
    For one thing, HSM covers more stuff in one issue than MW does. MW has articles from start to finish at one sitting. If you like to machine you will like it here. Just keep right and left handed allens straight.


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      Thanks for the reply and info... I will try to keep it all straight...because trust me... it goes way beyond allens!



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        Welcome to the group Bob. I come from the artist point of view. I use machining to make some of my art, make tools to create artwork, and a whole bunch more.

        Again Welcome



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          I too, have been curious about the differences in the magazines. Being new to the hobby, does one or the other tend to be more helpful?

          Thank You


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            Thanks for the welcome... I have a book on metal smithing and the artistic aspects of metal working... I am sure when the time comes I will be looking for your advice. I never thought myself as an artist... but I think that some of the most beautiful things you can do with metal is really cool... like mokume (I am a big fan of Japanese swords, especially after living in Japan for not quite two years).

            Thanks again... have a night (or day where ever you may be)


            ps... welcome to you too Mark! So far my vote is for Machinist's workshop (but I am waiting for more replies)... I have limitted time in the school shop and I know how Homeshop Machinist can drag projects on. I won't want to keep going back to the shop if my first project takes me until I graduate with my Ph D (that is roughly 8 years from now). I will say... once you get started in metal craft... you might as well give it up!! There will be no turning back! It is something you will always want to do... and there is more than you can ever learn in a lifetime. One of my past mentors is the CEO to a small shop of about 20000 sq ft. He's had the business running for almost 37 years now... we use to joke that anyone of us would never learn all that he has forgotten if we would die in this career field. That is just machining... the rest of the metal arts are just as involved and addicting!

            Glad to see another victim is here to keep me company!

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              Well, the real answer is, you gotta get them both. But, if you want to look, Barnes and Noble in my area carries them, so you can see which you like. They come out on alternate months, so buy whatever is there now, and try the other next month. It can take months(many) to get a complete project from HSM, but they are more involved than the MW projects. I do get both because two months is too long to wait for new reading material.


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                Welkomen Bob! From one new guy to another, both magazines are great. Get Both. If in doubt think on this (Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat..... ) Seriously though, if pressed for only one I'd go with Machinest Workshop for the greater variety and more basic and "doable" projects.
                Good Luck, Da Nut!