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    Now with all the people that recently purchased Machine Tool Reconditioning I hope to see a lot of coverage on scraping. I got my book many years ago, but just recently got serious about doing good work. I recently purchased a South Bend Heavy Ten Toolroom lathe that South Bend has reground the bed for me. I am curently waiting for them to scrape the saddle to it. I am now working on scraping the cross slide that originally showed about .0015" ware, but parallel to the good surfaced swivel face.
    Using the information in the book shows how to measure the part for parallel and flatness by using a surface plate ( I have a 12 X 16 X 4 granite one) and using a surface gage and good indicator. So blue in and scrape and check frequently. Slowly coming to Objective 1. When very good I will use this part as a master to scrape in the saddle part this fits on.
    I should say before I started this I practiced on several machined CI blocks to see if I could do it sucessfully. Did it.
    Happy scraping you guys.

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    Good to hear an update on the Southbend regrind and scraping project.
    I think the interest in " THE BOOK " is not just a local (To this board) happening but part of a great groundswell of interest that is just emerging. Similar to the revival in blcksmithing in this country. Possibly many arn't aware of the great activity in blacksmithing. As an example there is a local Blacksmithing club in Troy Ohio near where I live that started with 2 guys about 15 years ago i think. Now there is a modern 40 X 70 foot building with 8 forges several power hammers a lecture room with bleacher style seating all kinds of accessory equipment , membership is $7 dollers per year . And yes they have a check out library with HUNDREDS of videos available . . . And all because 2 Dudes got together and said lets share what we have the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. . .
    At least one of them is gone how but they have a strong corps of leadership. The Miami county fairgrounds donated land on the premises for the clubhouse , and not because they shoe horses. They DO NOT SHOE HORSES ! LOL
    I see in the future there will be lots more machinest type clubs, with clubhouses where large and expensive tools will be kept maintained and treasured. we'll see more groups with the ability to make good cast iron castings too.
    Wondering BPS if you learned scraping entirely on your own with just " THE BOOK" or did you have some human contact with a knowledgable scraper ?


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      Scraping can be very sooothing and
      renew a piece of junk into a quality piece.

      I did some scraping of compressor cross head guides and machine tool components long ago while an apprentice boy.

      Also bought a 7" Havair Shaperite Shaper, and rescraped the slides.
      She was a good little machine after she was done up.

      Have fun,it builds up your arms like that blacksmith mentioned above.

      Yea, I had that book too, but lent it to my boss and never saw it again.



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        Metal Mite,
        Don't pass up your last chance to get "The Book" for $55.00 + S&H. Deal ends this Sunday at 12:00 AM!

        Regards, Ken