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OT: Hard Drive upgrade question #2

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  • OT: Hard Drive upgrade question #2

    Thanks to Evan and others my 1st HDD upgrade went great! New question: I liked the performance of the new drive in my workshop PC so well, I bought another one (80 gig Seagate Barracuda) for my wifes's PC.

    I don't want to go theough the whole enchilada right now so I would like to format/partition the new drive 1st and do the OS inst. later. Can I plug the new drive into a spare PC, do all the preliminary work and then transfer it to wifey's PC later?

    ps: 2nd question: How big do you fellers usually make your partitions?

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    Do you really need to partition, or are you going to use it for a storage drive, you did say OS, but don't know if you mean to replace her original drive? You can do all that in your machine, but you will have to install the OS in her machine, as Win will detect hardware, including the motherboard. Win 98 will hiccup, find the hardware, install it, Win 2000 will not run, Win Xp probably will not either.

    I don't know the Barracuda drive but it may already be formatted. If you are running under Win XP, you have the option to Manage My Drive, format and partition under Windows. Quicker than under DOS and Boot Disk.

    Personally, I make 10 to 15 gig partitions for each OS I load on the machine, a large storage space, and a few gigs at the end to store drivers and Win installation files, easier than changing the CDs in and out as the install progresses.

    If you are running Xp and change out the HDD, you will have to recertify XP.




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      I like the speed of Raid 0.


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        I'm going to assume that the motherboard in your wife's PC supports an 80gb drive. All you need to do is put the program Ghost by Norton on a floppy. Ghost is widely distributed, often on a bundle CD that comes with new computers and/or motherboards.

        Unplug the CD drive in the computer and hook up the new drive in it's place. The CD is usually on the secondary IDE channel and if so then set the drive to be master. Start the computer from a win 98 startup disk to DOS and then put in the disk with ghost. At the A:\ prompt type ghost.exe

        This will invoke the ghost program and it will autodetect the drives and by default will assume you want to image the system drive to the new drive. The new drive doesn't need to be fdisked, formatted or partioned and the OS and file system on the original drive don't matter. Ghost will ask a number of questions to which you should select the default answers suggested. It will then copy the entire system volume to the new drive and will automatically adjust the size of the existing partition to fit the new drive.

        When it is done, 10 or 20 minutes, shut off the computer and install the new drive in place of the old and reconnect the CD.

        That's all there is to it. XP won't care if it is moved to a new drive. You have to change at least three serialized pieces of hardware in order to require a new product activation. Changing just the drive will not force an XP product activation.

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