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  • Clausing/Colchester HELP

    My new lathe has a cabinet but the little hole mounts actually stick down further than the bottom of the cabinet. So the lathe actually sets on four little places, with the cabinet not actually touching the floor. The mounting tab on the backside of the headstock end has what seems to be a 1" fine thread bolt in it with a hole running through it, and the other 3 tabs have 5/8 holes in them. My question is could I use Machine Mounts that are sold from enco and mcmaster carr to level it or should I make some mounts and then bolt the lathe to the floor? I want to raise the lathe up some so its more comfortable for me. Thanks for any help.

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    I have my Clausing set on three sections of 6 inch "H" beam to get it up to a comfortable working height. Two under the head end and one under the tail end. The beams are bolted to the lathe's mounting pads and the beams are then shimmed to level the machine.



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      Thank you for answering my question, I thought no one was going to respond. I dont know if this matters but are the 2 pieces at the headstock running parallel to the lathe bed or perpendicular. I thought, since I have some, was to use some 2x4 steel tubing running perpendicular to the lathe bed under each end with 1" rod drilled and tapped 1/2x20 placed inside the tubing then weld some angle iron to the ends of the tubing with holes in it to anchor to the floor. It would be sweet if I didnt have to drill into the floor but I will if I have to. I just want to get this right the first time since its a pain to move 1300 lbs over and over again. BTW, you must be one tall fella