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  • David Cofer you will love this

    I saw this on the PM site and immediately thought of you. I know I want one, and knowing you, you could probably build something similar from a harbour freight laser level.

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    Nope, "WE HSM'ers and Yahoo'ers" already have it.. it does a simple get pixel command in ansi sys. You are as welcome to the code as well the exe program. So if I get hit by a truck or whatever...

    You know the camera to laser distance, the angle of camera vs and added to pixel angle difference, knowing two factors you can then calculate the height..

    Mine has not been that accurrate thou. I am working on a math formula to "chain" the line from one end to the other instead of searching from the edge, this is to eliminate the Noisy dots and pixels that will show. I bought the expensive HeNe laser to help eliminate that. This is not near this quality system that they have. It will get a general shape into a 3d program.

    Yeah, I am impressed. NOW how expensive is it?

    MY software, the code, the compiled versions with pictures of my setup is "FREE" for all. I plan on making money off the spin offs that come off it.

    ANYONE wanting to help with the code, or just make a suggestion what they want it to do, how it should do it, You don't have to be a programmer to be a suggestor.

    HOW it will work? put your object onto a cnc or manual table crank the handles, the camera takes snapshots as fast as you can crank at the "scale" distances set up in the lil scan config. ONCE the pictures are stacked, then it searches out the laser line on each picture. IF you wanted a turntable instead of a linear table? same ole, different software output.

    I CAN pop lines and numbers into Mastercam, Solidworks and autocad. A mesh you can then wrap with any SKIN you wish. ALready done it. I'll look for my scans and post one or two if you like. ONE was so noisy I got mad.

    $2495 is a helluva bargain.. Especially if it includes solidworks. (they just told on the video)////\\\\\

    BUT, I plan on posting the software and the code I have up to date on Yahoo and Sourceforge. For everyone.

    NOW lemme tell ya about my mighty mouse. I am thinking of doing a write up for HSM. Nobody has listened so far.. It takes a Play station 2 controller, a smartjoy usb adapter and you got a high quality analog two stick eleven button pointing device.

    I have set it up so each button can configure "WHICH" hot keys to throw to the up front application. I also have a space-jump key to jump to the menu. Left Point of view buttons swivel views around your model, press a front trigger and it free spins isometrically by the other stick, right stick is the mouse for x,y, left stick is for input and Z height.
    I am working on throwing the Z and A parameters into the program manual input line. these are simple "Sendkeys" commands and the program is really short.

    NOW that manual input line can be wrote from outside the program too, from a scanning program or a hole probe.

    OKAY you need to build one of these....
    a 1/2" air cylinder, solonoid, chinese scale. You position your cnc over the part, pause, trigger the solonoid then read the 232 port on the scale to height. It does not wear your axis out going up and down, you have a point cloud IN thousandths to mesh and skin. I have put it together twice now. I chunked the first design into the scrap bucket. Feeling poor, weak, sick and it shows in my machining. Second one don't look much better.

    Someone a little better machinist should do a better job. So, chinese scale, cylinder, solonoid, and rs232 adapter should be less than $200.
    I can do a hand sketch, but not a solidworks model if anyone wants a very accurate scanner, there you are. Mucho better than any probe on the market at 1/10th the cost.

    NOW? I am looking at software that is a queer basic, but the same in Dos, Windows and linux and portable between the three. Imagine the fun we can have with a cheapass Dro running on a old palm pilot in dos. I got it loaded in Windows, have not got the linux version un-tarred yet. My extra hard drive is in the shop computer with Freedos and turbocnc running my bridgy.

    I wish I had someone around to help on one or two of these projects.. I got three hundred pounds of notebooks of info made up now. Gotta be some money in some of them.

    Lemme make it clear, I am not that smart, nor better than anyone here. I am as stubborn as any billy goat on the planet. Nothing I have done can't be replicated by anyone here. Most you guys got skills in areas I don't know crap about.

    The grass is fixing to start growing again, time for robo mower.. buds on the peach tree.. black birds in my attic..
    Excuse me, I farted.


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      <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">$2495 is a helluva bargain.. Especially if it includes solidworks.</font>
      It doesn't. Solidworks costs more than the scanner !