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Storing twist drills

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  • Storing twist drills

    Like many others I suppose, I have a few of the steel drill storage boxes that flip the trays of drills upright when you open the lid. The boxes all arrived with the drills inserted shank down, point up, and stayed this way for many years.

    On a colleague's suggestion, I turned the drills the other way up - now, I don't shred my fingers when taking one out, I don't burn them when putting them back in, and those burrs on the shank from not having the chuck tight enough don't stop them going back in their holes.

    I wish he'd told me about this 30 years earlier...
    All of the gear, no idea...

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    FWIW, I usually flip them like that as I use them, so I know what ones get used.
    That way I know what may need sharpening, or what I might need another one of as a backup.


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      I store mine nose down, after I start using them. I always inspect the point and sharpen if needed before I put them away. This just lets me know which one never get used and I don't burn or cut my fingers puting them away.



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        I always replace them the right way up - no burs on the shanks. The reason I do this is to prevent damage to the flute edges. I check every drill before I use it and sharpen as required and wipe it off before returning it to the stand. Same with endmills, countersinks, etc.