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Sheet metal design question

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  • Sheet metal design question

    I need to form a sheet metal offset for a rectangular fan from a radiator. I am trying to help a friend build a crazy custom water-cooled computer.

    What I have is 2, 12cm square fans that will be placed side by side. I want to form a sheet metal or something form to offset the fans an inch or two from the radiator while directing the air path into it. The size of the radiator is larger than the two fans but only by an inch or so on the width and less than an inch for the length.

    I am guessing I will need some type of trapezoidal figure that I will bend into a rectangular shape.

    I hope this description helps.

    Does anyone have a source for a formula or a good description of how to form something like this?

    Finally if the radiator has a copper core, what can I do to reduce or eliminate galvanic corrosion? I think that is what it is called when two dissimilar metals are touching?

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    I see no need for a hood or tunnel for the airflow from the fans if they are that close. Just mount them so they blow at the radiator. The airflow will entrain additional air with it and will probably work better than if it was ducted.
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      I like any idea that affords me less work especially if the project is not mine.


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        As for galvanic corrosion, make sure the cooling system is completely clean and use distilled deoxygenated water (boil it). It's a good insulator and won't promote corrosion.
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          I appreciate the help.