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OT- a skunk under the house.

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  • OT- a skunk under the house.

    Got that Sucka! Pulled the trap Yesterday morning to take back to animal control, the dirty skunk stole the bait! Rebaited a little differently and reset the trap. Checked it this morning and I got the little guy! I loaded him into the back of the truck and dropped him about 6 or 7 miles up in the state forest(and across 6 or 7 creeks). I reset the trap and will keep set through the weekend just to make sure there isn't more than one. Went real smooth, no spray, no muss, no fuss. (Thank God!)
    I cut it twice, and it's still too short!

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    OT- a skunk under the house.

    OK so does any body have any experence their willing to share on this topic? Home made traps, prevention, how they handled it, etc.?
    I might have to move.
    I cut it twice, and it's still too short!


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      Throw in a bunch of mothballs. It got rid of the skunk in my barn.
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        I had a dirty little bugger under my house once. He sprayed under it too when my dog tried to chase him out.
        This all happened at 2 am.
        I got my paint sprayer out and sprayed a bunch of smelly cellulose lacquer under where he was. He couldn't get out of there fast enough
        The lacquer smell went away in a couple days. Helped mask the skunk smell also.
        I killed the rest of the smell with a couple of treatments of enzymes.
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          What Kind of enzimes did you use Torker?
          I cut it twice, and it's still too short!


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            Evan is right. Get a bunch of mothballs and pitch them in around where you can get. If you have an access panel behind the tub, open that and drop some in. Also check for openings around any plumbing locations. (Sink drains, etc.)

            Don't try to trap or bait him. If he feels threatened, he'll spray and you'll have a stench for months. I say "he" but it might be a she looking to set up house. Many times, they'll just leave on there own to look for food. Don't leave any dog food out and put trash in the garage or secured storage.


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              It's some stuff that our big garden center sells in the pet/livestock section.
              You mix it with water and spray it with a sprayer. It works great on skunk and cat smells.
              We run a 40 room motel and sometimes people sneak cats in and you know what happens sometimes.
              The enzymes get rid of the smell(for good) in a day or so.
              I can't remember the name but can find out.
              I have tools I don't even know I own...


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                After reading your post I made a search on google for "skunk removal" and there is lot of good info there! We had a skunk under our house once and the fire dept chased it out with a smoke bomb. Hope you don't have to get him excited so he thinks he has to defend himself.

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                  A friend of mine had a cabin up by the Mississippi that had a family of skunks move in under it. He said he tried everything he could think of to move them out, short of dynamite, but without success. Finally, in desperation or maybe inspiration he tossed a bunch of lutefisk underneath, lutefisk being a dried codfish which is reconstituted with a lye preparation and much esteemed, I'm told, in Nordic areas.

                  Well, it worked like a charm to get the skunks to move out but it created one other problem for him - then he couldn't get rid of the Norwegians. LOL
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                    Mothballs. Worked for me, and I hit the edges of the yard with them once in a while to keep the cats out of the yard and garden.
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                      <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by TGTool:

                      Well, it worked like a charm to get the skunks to move out but it created one other problem for him - then he couldn't get rid of the Norwegians. LOL
                      Didn't he know to decoy them out with lefsa and lingonberry jam?

                      Do that and then slam the door. After a week or so they'll get tired of looking for that hole in the wall and go away.
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                        Ok here is my experience with skunks under the house.
                        Set a live trap where they are getting under the house. When the skunk is in the trap get a blue plastic tarp with a couple of long sticks in the cornors. Keep the tarp in front of you and move the tarp over the trap very slowly. Make sure the trap is covered with the tarp so he can not see out. Than slip a pipe under the tarp that is big enough to go over the exhaust pipe of your car. Idle the car about 30 minutes.

                        In my case I used the lawn mower, he was not dead at that time so I picked up the trap and skunk, loaded them in the back of the truck and removed the skunk to other parts of the country, opened the trap dumped him out and left.

                        Bet you thought that I was going to get skunked, didn't you? You may not have the luck that I did.
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                          My neighbor caught a skunk in a live trap and shot it twice with a .22 pistol. Betwen the first and second shots the skunk let him have it with both barrels. The skunk died and Carl wished that he had.


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                            I shot a skunk in a live trap , the yard stunk for weeks.

                            putting the trap in the truck and dumping it was the worst , I damn near puked.

                            If I were sprayed by a skunk I would die , I know I would puke to death.


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                              It is best the skunk does not spray under the house, period. You need to make them want to leave without exciting them. You what to make then not want to come back.
                              Dogs, cats, and personal contact are not good ideas. Live trapping should be done away from the premises. Skunks are nocturnal. If your basement or crawl space is dark then light it up. They don't like light. They will leave. You may want to smoke them out as well. You don't want to kill them while they are under the house. You also don't want to kill your family or pets. Smoke will dissapate in a couple of hours. The combination of light and smoke usually runs them out. Then seal up the space to keep them out. You may want to add a radio on a talk show to also keep them up on their feet. Skunks sleep during the day.
                              If you disturb their metabolisim they will leave.
                              Good luck stinker...