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MicroLux mill by Micro-Mark

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  • MicroLux mill by Micro-Mark

    Anyone on the list have any experience with this particular mini-mill? It has the dovetailed column already and the dials are in inches instead of mm.

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    Al, I guess that nobody on this list other than yourself has ever heard of this off brand mini-mill. Better luck next time!!


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      It is distributed by Micro-Mark, who deal in tools for the modeler. It looks like a decent small milling machine. It is an import, but is true inch, resettable dials, MT #3 spindle. They have quite a few accessories which are not too pricey.
      They do not list in the latest catalog, but previously had reasonably priced MT #2 & MT #3 draw in collets.
      I would compare it with Sherline and others in this size range.
      I've never dealt with Micro-Mark, but a couple of friends have and been pleased.
      Jim H.


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        This is made at the same factory as the mini-mill at HF, Grizzly (which I have) and a half-dozen other names.

        It's a pretty good little machine but the size does limit what it can do and the vert feed could have been done better. other than that I have enjoyed using mine. I ordered the 20tpi leadscrew kit from for my grizzly to make it like the Micro-mark one.

        Because the table is on the small side it takes some work to tram the column to vert, and you must do this (then never tilt it again). The variable speed it nice and I've not had any problems with mine.

        Things to do if you get one:
        Tram the column and just generally check and lube it up.
        Double check the setting of the gibs.
        Buy a new drill chuck and arbor (and you will need a new arbor, the chinese one isn't truely a jt#33 and the new chuck will rock slightly on it)

        Other than that the only thing is that it's size limits what you can do more than anything - my wallet limited me ot I'd have bought a bigger mill. If you have any other questions, I'll tell you what I can.



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          Thanks, guys, it's the wallet situation that is governing things in my situation!! What I like about it, at least the ads, is that the dials turn .050" per turn and the column is a dovetail, not a column. Wish I could watch one in use, but that is too much to hope. Y'all have a great weekend!!


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            Homier sells the exact same mill under the Speedway Series name for $399.00. A hundred bucks less than the other companies for the exact same mill. They're all made in the same plant, on the same line. The reviews on these are most helpful. I have the Homier 7x12 minilathe and am satisfied with it. I want the minimill but can't afford one at this time. If you go to you can do a search for mill and check it out. Seems to be a good one for the money. Hope this is helpful to you.


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              Go to and read the reviews of the minimills. They'll give you more insight than I'm capable of delivering. Have a good weekend.


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                I checked on the Homier mill, and if I read the ad correctly, it is set up with the feed screw knobs in 1/16" increments. The Microlux is set up for each turn to produce .050" movement. In fact, they sell a conversion kit to convert other mini mills to "full inch" feeds.


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                  Yeah, you have to be careful on the specs. Most of the mini-mills are shipped with 16tpi leads not 20tpi. My grizzly mini-mill came with 16tpi leads and I bought the 20tpi upgrade from LittleMachineShop. Micro-mark went to extra trouble to carry imperial units with better specs than most.

                  You may want to look at the one carried by Harbor Freight. They have an R8 spindle model available. Though LittleMachineShop does have an R8 spindle kit that will upgrade any of the mini-mills.

                  They are all indeed made on the same line, after that it's up to the company ordering them to make sure they are up to whatever quality level they want to give their customers. Grizzly has a good rep for that and I suppose Micro-mark must work closely with them as well (they have an inproved tailstock on the 7x14, which is exclusive to them). HF just buys the bulk as far as I hear. I don't know about the rest.

                  I bought an extra headstock mounting block (the dovetail carrier) from LMS which I'm converting to a 20tpi leadscrew for the Z-axis instead of the rack/pinion for CNC control. The x-axis leadscrew is just long enough to lift the head as well.



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                    Hey! I like the sound of that conversion!! Do you suppose you could share it with us when you get at least the feedscrew part of the conversion installed??


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                      Sure could.
                      I'll be posting that and my CNC lathe conversion as I get it done at my website.
                      I'm working on the design now for a new website at (no relation to where I'm going to move my machining stuff to.

                      It's going to support a metal-worker community. Areas for posting pictures, projects, plans and stuff. Give guys/gals a place to put their stuff instead of the free sites that put advertising all over the place or turn your site off if too many people look at it. I hate wading through all the ads at yahoo groups anymore.

                      I've got almost a gig of storage space at my host to use and plenty of bandwidth. I run the websites for a corporation for my day job and have been programming websites for 5+ years so that's not just a hobby for me or a site that going to disappear in a month.