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OT. Rodent wrist/Alternate Pointers

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  • OT. Rodent wrist/Alternate Pointers

    I have the same problem. I learned to mouse with either hand. Now both wrists get sore, but neither is as bad as the one was before. I also use a wireless mouse, which gives me wider placement options and spreads out the stress points.
    Works for me until I find something better. May try the trackball.

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    OT. Rodent wrist/Alternate Pointers

    I've been having right arm pain lately from using the mouse...I remember that there was some discussion on alternate pointing devices a while back. What are the options out there? Does anyone make a large diameter track-ball like the old "missle command" game?


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      I prefer a track ball. I like the (shudder) Microsoft Explorer optical track ball. It has a large diameter ball and is easy to operate.

      Keep in mind that switching to a trackball has an adjustment period and at first it may seem like a bad idea. It takes about a week to get used to it but is much easier on the wrist and arm which is of particular concern for me. It's easy to clean, the ball just pops out with a push on the bottom so you can clean the sapphire bearing points. Takes about 5 seconds.

      If you get one make sure to use the intellimouse setup to callibrate it properly. I have had one now for years and it is the best of about 4 different track balls that I have.
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        I use a Wacom pen tablet, just like using a pen. Takes about 6 hours of use to get used to it though. Also use a mouse as well but if im ever going to spend some hours doing something like photoshop work, definetly use the pen.


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          A Logitech Trackman has been working for me for the last 8-10 years (I guess it has been that long). A nice thing is that I don't have to find space next to the keyboard to move a mouse around.



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            Consider mousing with the other hand for a while. It will take some getting used to, but not only will you give your wrist time to heal, you will develop the dexterity in you other hand.


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              I also have had a logitech Trackman for several years and love it! Mine has a thumb wheel on the left side rather than in the middle, I haven't seen one like it for several years, so i'm not sure if they still make that style.
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                I second reggie's suggestion. I'm right handed, and my wife is left handed. She got the first computer we owned, and insisted on having the mouse on the left side. I learned to use it very quickly, and I'm really glad.

                I find left hand mousing frees up my right hand for writing things down, and there's room on the right side of the desk for something to write on.

                I predict that you'll never want to go back to right hand mousing once you learn to do it with your left hand.

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                  The Trackball Explorer has the thumb wheel on the left side as well and is still made.

                  Trackball is the ONLY way to go for game playing. It's much faster and more accurate than a mouse.

                  One of the big advantages to a trackball for image editing is that you can accurately drag out a selection or something right to the exact pixel and then lift your finger off the ball. Now, when you click the button to select you don't end up twitching the mouse slightly spoiling the position of the selection or whatever else you are doing. It is a hundred times better than a mouse for that use. I also have a large Houston Instruments tablet but even it isn't a good as a trackball for fine editing of images.
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                    I use a kensington track ball. "expert mouse pro" they call it. Large ball, actually the same size as my pool balls, the eight ball looks good. Has nicely placed buttons too.

                    I started using a track ball when designing in 3d. In "3d space" the trackball is very natural.. JRouche
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                      Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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                        Logitech Trackman Wheel.
                        The best off all worlds and no sore wrist.


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                          Microslop explorer trackball here. (both machines, programmer and internet-gamer)

                          I love, the sony play station 2 dual stick game pad with the smartjoy usb adapter.

                          I wrote, software to allow the right stick to replace the mouse. Left stick throws numbers to your program. Buttons are configured to A 3d program I am learning.

                          One button is a space jump to the menu. KACHUNK there ya are.

                          I am going to eventually program the keystrokes it throws by file you can edit. RIght now, since my pop passed on I can't concentrate just yet.

                          Excuse me, I farted.


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                            I have a Kensington brand mouse pad that has a built in wrist rest. That stopped the pain I was having from using my mouse.


                            I'm sure there are other brands that will work equally well.

                            BTW - Also use their wrist pad for the keyboard.


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                              Doesn't anyone use a Touch Screen?

                              I've been using them from Glidepoint back about '95 to my present Adesso, with glidepoint touchpad built into the keyboard. Also sold as ALPS and Fellowes also had one.

                              I confess, most of my browsing is done from my recliner, KB across my lap, nice to just slide the finger across the small screen, about 2 X 2 1/2, upper right corner is "Right Click", drag finger up/down the right side is "Scroll", bottom is supposed to be scroll sideways, but doesn't seem to work in W2K.

                              Quick pointer is less than an inch clear across the screen, slower with a slow drag.

                              Single click and drag is a lite tap or tap-hold-drag. Double click is just that, two of the lightest touches of your fingertip you can imagine.

                              NOT expensive, considering you get a KB with it and you probably will never need to buy another mouse, nor clean yours again.

                              My first pad I used about 6 months, found the KB with pad, used about 9 years, bought another long time ago, a split "Wave" type, tried it didn't like it, stored it, my youngest bought me the one I am using now, and have for the past year or a little less, father's Day I think.

                              I absolutely hate mice. I maintain 10 computers, 3 of mine, 7 for my kids and grands, only this one with pad. Forever smacking the mouse on the desk to free up the pots, pulling apart, cleaning off the built up fuzz, and buying many new ones. MS and logitech opticals some of my kids have had have burned out. Buy new. Tehy are all junk.

                              I think probably many of you would never consider one because you have had a little experience with Notebooks and didn't like them.

                              For me, never another mouse for my main machine. And, you never have to move your desk because your mouse has reached the end of its travel.



                              PS, I have bought trackballs, both large and small, pool ball to marble sized, for the g'kids. They didn't like them, even at 4 or 5 years of age.