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  • stirling engine questions

    Why do they pressurize everything?

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    To increase the power output.
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      my god, it's like talkin to my inlaws.

      can i see the butter?


      Please hand me the butter before I spread your eyeball on my bread?

      So...anyway, why does pressurizing the engine create a greater power output?


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        My book about stirling engines has a short section on pressurization. It says that by increasing the internal pressure, the expansion/contraction ratio of the heating and cooling cycles is increased which increases the power output. The hard part is keeping it presurized a/c leaks. Hope that answers your question.



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          The gas is the working fluid. The higher the pressure the higher the density of the gas and therefor the higher the heat capacity per unit volume of gas.
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            damn...I should have known that.

            can ya tell that i work in a tax office? I'm getting dumber by the minute!