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  • brass linear bearingS

    how well would brass work as lineR BEARINGS as for a down silde for my home build mill

    well my mill out of a drill press is going along good but i must kick my self in the butt i had about a month ago bought 5/8 pillow block bearings 2 12 inches long for 140 $ Canadian dollars i had put them on the mill today and it has so much play in them it is crazy... if you have any more advise post please

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    What do you mean by a pillow block bearing, 5/8 D X 2 1/2 inches long? Got a picture? What is it for?

    I have an idea what you are doing, making a light duty mill from a light duty drillpress, Ihave read from the beginning.

    What is the relation between the pillow block bearing, and what you are now looking for, a linear bearing?

    Two entirely different things. As to the pillow blocks, were they self aligning sphericals with either a keyed lock ring or an eccentric lock ring? Either should be within a thou, locked tight.

    What is the 5/8 bearing for? Seems light for anything you are doing, other than a feed screw.

    Before you spend that kind of money, you should ask me if I have anything like that, in the size you need? I am not a businessman, just an old guy who has more stuff than he can ever use. Thompson Rollway bearings, some linear bearings, a good many pillow block and flange mount bearings, flex couplings, BUNCHES of carbide inserts, BUNCHES of HSS tooling, raw blanks, cut off tool blanks, Stellite stock, the like, ISCAR inserts, Manchester cutoff tool inserts, automatic tapping heads, even rather large Jacobs chucks, with and without shanks.

    I should put this stuff up on one of the sales sites, but don't want to. Assholes will bid with the desire to resell it, screw'm.

    Anybody does want anything, ask, I'll see if I got it, tell ME what YOU would pay, we may be able to make a deal.

    I think I better get rid of this stuff. If I should die, a dumpster will be at the garage front the day after I am planted.



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      i will post a picture but do you have anything that i can think of that will worl do you have anything that is strong enought


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        Pillow blocks frequently have an adjustment on the side to reduce side play. Look for a small set screw.

        Brass is a very poor choice for bearings... too soft. Bronze is commonly used.

        Leigh W3NLB
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