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Sort of OT/ HF stud welder..

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  • Sort of OT/ HF stud welder..

    I bought one of these almost a year ago but have only started to use it recently.
    I bought it off Fleabay from a guy in Ontario who had a bunch he was selling.
    Cost me $72Cnd. I was suprised when it showed up in a Harbour Freight box (in Canada?) althought it is a Chicago Electric tool, made in China of course.
    Anyway....the studs that come with it don't fit the tips properly, they stick.
    The actual puller itself doesn't work real well on the larger studs.
    I bought a shrinking tip from one of the more expensive stud welders (one of the $500 ones). It doesn't quite fit right either.
    That being said...this is a very handy tool. The shrinker is far easier to use than the torch and if you make sure the studs fit beforehand they work just as well as the big dollar units.
    I'm pretty happy with this thing for the few bucks it cost.
    Anyone else out there have one?
    I have tools I don't even know I own...