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Loose fitting wheel bearing race

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  • Loose fitting wheel bearing race

    I have a 4840 J.D. tractor with front hub bearing race seating problems. The races that seat in the front hub have enough slack to turn under finger pressure. Anyone have a good fix short of replacing the hub?

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    Check out Loctite Products, they make something that is for this type of repair I believe.


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      I've seen a center punch used to dimple the race area and tighten it up. Best fix would be to bore it, sleeve it under size, and bore back to standard size as long as the boring doesn't weaken the hub. Could also weld it and bore back to size, again as long as the heat from welding doesn't weaken the hub.

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        Oh yes, just bore it and sleave it, I have done that on tractors and logging/semi trucks hubs.

        Its not a big deal to sleave it. loctite and punch marks is a very half assed fix. You will just be doing again.

        I bore a hub .250" over, make a .125 wall sleave with .002-.006 press and bored right to size on the ID, once the sleave is pressed in it will shrink the bore and the race will go in nice and tight.

        good luck.

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          Boring and sleeving is the right way but I have used Loctite 680 retaining compound with good success on things like this so long as there isn't so much slop that the race wobbles around in it's seat. Just make sure your parts are degreased and dried properly. Allow time for it to set up and you'll need to use heat to remove it.


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            I had a 69 camaro with the same problem. It was caused by a wheel bearing that was too loose and it banged the hub out.

            Center punching did NOT last more than 1K miles.

            Loctite DOES make a product to fix EXACTLY that problem. Try searching their site. If memory serves me , I believe it will fill a .005 gap.

            The sleeve is a long lasting fix as stated above.

            I ended up getting a "new hub" off a corviar. They never wear out cause they have no weight on them.


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              Would this stuff do it?


              fwiw, I'd also go the Loctite route rather than start boring & sleeving...

              All of the gear, no idea...


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                Thanks Guys,
                I think I will try the Loctite route. I have considered the sleeve method, but just don't have the time right now. As always, thanks for all the input.