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  • Need plotter advice

    I am using an old version of Vellum on my PC, and I need a printer or plotter that can handle B-size drawings. These would be mainly for check prints. Final prints and C and D size I would send out.

    Anyone have any suggestions that don't break the bank?


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    I have the Epson 1270 which prints using seven colors in up to 13" x 44". It does an excellent job and has served me well. The current model is the 1280 and msrp is $399.00. The main consideration with Epson printers is that they do not do well if unused for long periods of time as the print head clogs.

    Since the print head is part of the printer and not the cartridge this poses a problem and is difficult to rectify. They need to be exercised on a regular schedule. However, for the same reason the consumables are cheaper as you don't have to buy a new printhead every time you buy ink. Epson also has available archival quality inks that are guaranteed to last 200 years in storage and 100 years on display.


    A major point in favor of the Epson is the physical print dimension accuracy. It is accurate in X and Y to a few thousandths of an inch over the full print area.

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      An additional feature of the Epson 12xx printers that is unique to them is the ability to print super archival quality black and white prints that rival platinum papers. They have a special multi tone process using dedicated gray scale inks that produce museum quality prints.
      Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here