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  • HSM/PM Back Issues on CD


    Are the back issues for HSM/PM available on CD?

    If they are, when can one order them?

    If not, why not?



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    There have been several relevant threads about this, one of them spanning several pages, but they seem to have been deleted for some reason.
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      Yea we've been here before, I can safely say It aint hap'nin' in the near future.

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        I was aware of the earlier discussion but did not see any definite yes or no from the publishers.

        So which is it...will we be seeing back issues on CD or not?



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          <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Too_Many_Tools:
          Are the back issues for HSM/PM available on CD? Thanks TMT</font>
          Nope, but I do have every issue in my book shelf.

          You can too, with the back issues. It should only cost you four to six hundred dollars.

          The idea of only paying a few bucks for the entire collection on CD or DVD must be real appealing but lemme say, the publisher would loose money if that were to happen so I would not hold my breath..

          That is why you dont see many, if any, other magazine archives sold on digital format.

          Not gonna happen soon, not till the publishing community spends some money and effort to develop a piracy protection that is infallible, and good luck with that, the software community has been battling that issue from day one..JRouche
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            "That is why you dont see many, if any, other magazine archives sold on digital format. "

            There is the very significant exception of the entire collection of National Geographic Society magazine. This includes every cover, article and photograph from 1,285 issues at the very reasonable price of $200 US.

            More importantly for the entire idea is the dismissal of a copyright infringement lawsuit against National Geographic Society in this matter. Just three days ago an appeal of a lower court ruling in favor of NGS was rejected finding in favor of NGS again that NGS had the right to republish in digital form the previous issues as long as the material was published in its original context.

            <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">
            The Court also noted, Judge Winter said, that collections placed on microfilm and microfiche were permissible uses of the copyright granted to publishers because these collections preserved the context in which the articles first appeared, unlike electronic databases, which separate them.

            National Geographic's compilation included characteristics resembling microfiche.

            "The [CD-rom set] presents the underlying works to users in the same context as they were presented to the users in the original versions of the Magazine," wrote Winter.

            One of the magazine's programs allowed users to search for individual articles but instead of seeing the articles in isolation, users saw the article placed within the issue. The entire magazine was scanned into the CD-rom, showing users page numbers, photos and advertisements exactly as they appeared in the original.

            This clears the way for Village Press to republish all back issues in a similar digital format as it is legally the same as republishing the issues in paper format as long as the entire contents are published in the original context and the search function presents it in the original context.

            This lawsuit is the reason that you haven't seen other publishers hopping on the bandwagon yet. Now the way is legally clear.

            How about it Neil?

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              The microfiche analogy is interesting, seems like that could clear the way for CD reprints of anything. I know a lot of magazines are available on microfilm or fiche, but I have no idea how the copyright is worked out in that instance. The use of the analogy seems to indicate that it's somehow ok, though. I have a feeling this is a case that will have to go the the Supremes for resolution, and even then what they hand down might not tell you anything except one way that didn't work.

              Speaking of microfiche, though, some libaries have HSM on fiche. Wonder where you can buy your own copies on fiche, and for how much? I've seen surplus fiche readers go for cheap, and they are much smaller than the microfilm readers I've used. Smaller than a complete collection of magazines, anyway. Just a thought.

              Once you had the reader, you might be able to get all sorts of other long-defunct magazines.

              Anybody know where the libaries get their microfiche magazines?



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                Many of them come from what used to be University Microfilms International in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It used to be owned by Xerox. Xerox developed the machine for copying hard copy to microfilm.

                The company is now ProQuest Information and Learning.

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