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  • Hey David Cofer!


    I was looking at grinders. This one won't fit my needs but I think it's one you have. How do you like it?

    What surprised me is that they're selling a 110 pound power tool for ~$130! Is it holding up well?


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    hello Dan.

    i am not David Cofer, but i bought one of these a couple of years ago [ well. actually my kid picked it up for me at a harbor freight store in indiana and sent it to me when his sister came to visit.] on sale for $99.95. i took the crappy green wheels it came with off and installed a diamond wheel on one side and an AO wheel on the other side.

    the only problem i have had with it is that the harbor freight 6" wheels are a little smaller than a domestic 6" wheel. i ended up taking the guards off of it and chucking them up in my lathe and boring them out so that the wheels fit.

    big bubbles. no troubles.

    now it is the grinder [out of 5 or 6] that i use most. i like it a lot. some people have added a block so you don't shift it into 'reverse' when you turn it off, but so far i haven't done that. i am old. i go slow.

    seriously. good machine. well worth the $$. sucker is heavy though.

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      Many of us have that grinder on this forum. I also had to put some clearance in the wheel guards to fit the new wheels. Instead of taking them off I simply took a dremel with a stone and grinded away the rough finish where it was scraping the new wheels.
      Its in storage right now, I hope its holding up well...


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        I have sharpened about ten pounds of drill bits with it.

        Lathe tools.. Leave them on the armstrong holder (flat bottom) and the DRILL angle is right.. Touch em up and cut some curls.

        Actually I have not worked in my shop that much since I bought it. I got a lot better deal than that thou. I think I may have gotten the store manager chewed out trying to sell the grinders at the price I bought mine at other HF stores. I kinda remember $99? $89?, thou I'd have to research that.. I posted it when I bought it.

        THEM Harbor freight people, they still price things according to what the "stupid" people pay. OR RUBES? Or what do you call people who don't value thier money? I have to negociate everytime I go into that store, sometimes it is such a hassle I don't go get things when I want them. NO corelation whatsoever to the catalog prices or sale prices.

        I hate crooks. Nobody today does what they say they will, they all want to crook you.

        I have maybe three friends who do exactly what they promise. People keep surprising me from this forum thou, lots of good people. Maybe we all need to have a goat roast?

        IN short? I have already saved the purchase price of my grinder in drill bits alone. It can burn up now and I won't be mad. I hope it lasts a hundred years thou.
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          I also have that grinder, but I don't remember if I got it from Wholesale Tool or Harbor Freight.

          I was annoyed at the mild damage that I suppose happened in transit. It is heavy, as has been said, and it smashed the hell out of the lamp shade as it rattled around in the box. There's a lot to be said for picking stuff like this up at the store...

          I haven't replaced the wheels yet, but I probably need to. Most of what I have done with it is grind lathe tools. I've got a cheapo Ryobi (Home Depot) grinder for "roughing things in" and I use this one for finishing, such as it is.

          It's a heavy beast, alright. What I really need to do is make a pedestal stand for it and bolt it into the floor. I like it though.

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            "I simply took a dremel with a stone and grinded away the rough finish where it was scraping the new wheels."

            Why not just turn it on?
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              Does it take regular 6"x3/4" grinder wheels?

              It says 1.25" arbor. So the wheels need a 1.25" hole in them? Is that a standard grinding wheel?


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                <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Evan:
                "I simply took a dremel with a stone and grinded away the rough finish where it was scraping the new wheels."

                Why not just turn it on?
                Well.. I couldnt turn it by hand it was rubbing so much, I didnt want to let the magic smoke out of the motor just yet.


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                  Dan, do a search on this grinder, and look for my user name, theres specific "type" this wheel is called, I think its a type "B" but NOT sure on that, I forget.
                  You definetly do not want standard grinding wheels, these use plate mount.


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                    Hertel CPW-14210H

                    $40.16 each at J&L Industrial Supply. (Ouch!)

                    Thanks All!

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                      I have one of these grinders,& I like it. Some have had vibration problem, mine was smooth out of the box. Mounted it on peice of 3/4 plywood w/pin in center to fit hole ie bench, allows it rotate for working at each end. chiphead42


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                        I planned to use the 20% coupon tomarrow for one, this confirms it, thanx all from me also.

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                          I also have this tool grinder. I have left the green wheels on it they seem to work just fine with HSS and brazed cutter... till that changes I keep my money. Runs smooth and true and comes up to speed fast. I got mine around the same time as Dave for $99 and three year extended warranty for a total of $119.00 no coupon.
                          Wow... where did the time go. I could of swore I was only out there for an hour.


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                            I just picked up one last week.
                            The wheels have a heavy spot on them. The bearing are realy free turning as the heavy spot always stops on the bottom.

                            I have played with rotating the wheels around on the shaft. Doing that does make some difference where the marks stop so maybe the rotor will need some balancing work.

                            The first thing that I did was take a file and smoothe up the table slot and made a tool holder for the diamond wheel dresser that will slide in the table slot.
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                              I also installed a diamond wheel on one side and an AO wheel on the other. And also did like BillH, the thing with a Dremel.
                              When I installed the Diamond wheel I had to replace the 4 mounting bolts with... (I can't remember).
                              I mounted it on my bench on top of an oil drip tray thingy (a pan about 2' by 3' by 1" high) to catch coolant with a "little giant" pump.
                              Really help from making a big mess.
                              I wish someone here could design a really nifty super adjustable tool holder for grinding any angle in anything.
                              Could make a good HSM article.
                              Tom M.