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OT - Why is everything "extreme"?

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  • OT - Why is everything "extreme"?

    I don't know about you guys, but I'm really sick of seeing "extreme" tacked onto every product known to man. I opened up a new stick of deodorant this morning (The scent is "Cool Rush" whatever that means) and underneath that little plastic protector thing they put in it says "Take the risk". WTF does that mean? Is there some inherent danger to using this deodorant? If I use it will I get into a car chase on the way to the store and will I be beset by a horde of monkey ninjas when I get there? What is so extreme about preventing sweat?

    Here's another one, I was driving through town the other day and saw an old beat up, rusted out Honda Civic in front of me with a license plate liner that said "X-Treme Motors". Last I checked, selling used cars is not at all like motocross or snowboarding. That's my Andy Rooney moment for the day.

    Stuart de Haro

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    ""Take the risk". WTF does that mean?"

    It implies that you take the risk of getting laid.
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      Why extreme?

      Because "we" are all bored with what's normal..... because "we" have lots of free time.... and have seen it all..... and wanna bee different.

      You know, let your hair grow long like everyone else so that it is immediately obvious that you are different from everyone else.


      Keep eye on ball.
      Hashim Khan


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          Extreme Tubo Platinum...

          Marketing people are idiots...and not even original. Look how used and reused some of these stupid words are.

          BTW--I see you are from around central IL as well...the "Extreme Motors" thing prompted me to look at your profile. I am from Peoria...where we have to listen to the even more inane radio commercials for Extremely Stupid Motors.

          The "marketing word of the decade" for the 80's was "Turbo". Then (still) it was "Platinum". How really totally stupid. The world is increasingly run on BS.

          I just wanted to share in your Andy Rooney moment.
          Paul Carpenter
          Mapleton, IL


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            Don't forget "magnum."
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              it means take a risk and see if your arm pit rots out if you you it for to long. Let me take a guess you are not of the generation the ad and product is aimed at. I have noticed that the older I have gotten the less I pay attention to all the hype and bullsh*t about the products movies and music. Is simple terms my man you have become your father! Congrats, know I now what the old man was talking about. all them years ago in the 70's. about the products, movies and music. I don't follow sports other than nascar and if I miss a races no big deal. Never watched any of the sitcoms. Mostly watch them programs on the educational cable channels. Last movie I saw in a theater was Braveheart, Wife begged me to go see it she saw a 30 second clip on TV and thought it was a love story go figure.

              Been there, probally broke it doing that
              Been there, probably broke it, doing that!
              I am not a lawyer, and never played one on TV!
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                People are stupid and easily impressed.
                Non, je ne regrette rien.


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                  <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by SGW:
                  Don't forget "magnum."</font>


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                    To me as a machinist and a half decent mechanic the single most overworked term is "HEAVY DUTY"

                    I just need one more tool,just one!


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                      Naw, naw. "Heavy Duty" was in the '70s. The '80s gave us "turbo", the '90s gave us "classic" (or was that '80s, too?), and now we have "extreme" or "reality".

                      I like the "turbo" thing, though. I liked the Far Side cartoon with the two leapords skulking behind a hill and gazing out at the soon-to-be-prey antelopes. In the foreground, two of the antelope have "Turbo" printed on the flanks. One leapord is looking at the other saying "forget about those guys."
                      The curse of having precise measuring tools is being able to actually see how imperfect everything is.


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                        Among the overworked phrases, there is always "professional grade", often shortened to "pro".

                        Attached to everything from cheezy tools to software....

                        And don't forget "platinum" as in "platinum edition" ......

                        Not a new thing, advertising from a hundred plus years ago has its version.

                        And don't forget the cars of the 50s/60s, with rocket fins and tailpipe tailights.... a "design-based", nonverbal, version of "extreme" or any of the other superlatives mentioned...

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                        Keep eye on ball.
                        Hashim Khan


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                          I'm an EXTREME TURBO-CHARGED PLATNIUM SKULLED HEAVY DUTY MACHINIST, with TITANIUM COATED BULLOCKS. Sometimes, to make my job harder than it has to be, I set myself on fire while I'm fitting a bearing. And only give myself 30 seconds to finish the job, or I'll have to cut off a finger in the bandsaw. And I will run around the shop with scissors or any other cutting tool. If I could still skydive, I'd freefall with a mini-lathe and make a steam engine before I pulled my chute.
                          Smitty.... Ride Hard, Die Fast


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                            Also, with TITANIUM COATED BULLOCKS those little Magnum XL things ain't up to the task.
                            Smitty.... Ride Hard, Die Fast


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                              Industrial Strength, commercial strength, professional strength,.................
                              "four to tow, two to go"