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  • Backplate

    A while back there was a thread that recommended a company that had unfinished backplates. I have searched but with no luck. Anyone remember or know the name of the company? Thanks

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    Look here


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      "The usual suspects" (Travers, MSC, etc.) carry Bison backplates.
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        Sprint car driver:
        I was involved in a thread on looking for a source for cast iron for back plates and someone suggested Victor Machinery (see above site posted by Larry Nicks) They have a 6" by 1/2" thick rough back plate for $12.50. I have made two out of cast iron free weights that turned out ok. The reason you probably didn't find the other thread is that I mistyped cast iron and couldn't chang it so numerous responces said "cast iton" (I think).
        I paid about $6 for the 10# cast iron free weights at Big 5 Sporting Goods here in California.



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          The Bison brand backplates are high quality cast iron, well seasoned, and well worth the money. If you have a threaded nose and want the best fit get an unmachined blank to fit it perfectly to your spindle. For the taper lock type(A & L spindles) and the Camlock (D1-4 etc.) buy the semi-finished. They are properly machined to fit the spindles and will only require machining the backplate surface to mount the chuck only.