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Voltage dump for diy cnc, larken dr.

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  • Voltage dump for diy cnc, larken dr.

    I have read some of David's posts on building an excess voltage dump. I’m looking for a link or some info on building one.

    I think it has a zener, transistor, resistor? I’m striving for 70vdc so a 75 to 80v zener? I’m not sure how many amps will be created during de acceleration? I have a bunch of replacement transistors for the original drives, will these work if needed?

    I’m converting the BP boss5 to Mach3, and Larkens. I found a nice toroid and rewound the secondary to get 50v ac in series. It came out of a bat. charger I think. The original secondary was 12x14guage wires x2 at 20vac. I ended up running 4x14guage wires 25 turnsx2. It worked out perfect 25v on each.
    In it’s original condition.

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    Goto the Geckodrives group on Yahoo, look in files and select the folder on 201 and 210 drives.
    there are some in there that are built and proven.

    You will have to sign up for the group.

    Sir John.

    Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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      Much thanks John.


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        > de acceleration?

        There is a perfectly good word deceleration,
        the opposite of acceleration. There is no need
        to do what a former president did with the
        word escalate. :-) :-)


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          I got a cube relay right now. ( is on back side of rectifier) It dumps through a finned resistor from the original boss hardware. Zener. Hopefully on-time will be sufficient to dump before overvoltage is achieved. The Larken drives are very forgiving and tough.

          I lost a drive. TUrbocnc was pulsing the cube relay turning power on and off. I did it in the configuration. Too damn many cnc programs and config files.

          I have had one on order now for two weeks. WHen the new one arrives I'll look into doing the repair on the old one. No smoke, no burned chips, I guess it is the fixed control voltage regulators on top of the board. I have not looked yet. Too many thing on my mind.
          Excuse me, I farted.