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  • Interesting , even useful, info

    Try the below for fun and knowledge.

    FAQ regarding a variety of topics (gauges of model rail roads, rust, cleaning etc.
    This FAQ is 151 pages long, but it has some good info (and surely some bad), lists of sources, anodizing, it is just typed (no Hypertext) but is well indexed in paragraph one.

    Never found what I was looking for when I went there, got lost reading. Can't remember what I was looking for, just had things catch my eye and I stayed.

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    Thanks doc. I bookmarked it.


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      Thanks, good looking! Hey what you been up to bud?


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        Dave, I been driving!!!!, thinking, looking meditating.

        My old 1974 dodge maxivan (one ton van) with near 400,000 miles on it gave up the ghost. A big blue rust bucket that has towed most every car in the neighbor hood at one time or another. Neighbors had a little "wake for old blue" cause I refuse to have it repaired. Even the dooor hinges are worn out. Front oil pump in transmission went out, I think.

        Bought me a 3/4 ton maxivan,1988. I was told the man wanted 1000 dollars cause the transmission was gone. Good looking job. I went to pay my money, man says he wants 300 dollars. I get scared, say "ok", on condition engine runs ok. Something gotta be wrong!!!!

        Man says he took van to Transmission shop. Was warned that he needed rebulit transmission, Shop says "DO NOT change oil, or you will be in here in a hurry< bring it back ASAP, when you have the money and we will fix you".

        I added four quarts ATF, to get to read on dip stick, 25 Gallons gas, and drove it off. I have put near 1,000 miles on the thing. Shifts nice, engine/transmission uses no oil. Pint good, no rust, electric windows work, radio fine, no interior leaks. Carpets are dirty but not worn. less then 75,000 miles on it.
        I feel like i should offer the man his van back or at least warn him about the shop. A real delemena.

        Funny thing is shop (transmission ) is owned by some relative of his (which sure complicates things). I figgur I should never destroy a mans faith in some thing unless I had something to substitute.

        Is this one of those "ethical" situations?
        What would Bill Clinton do in such a case?



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          Now Steve, don't start with Bill Clinton. ... Nor Monica either. Remember what Neil said about keeping this BB's content 'Family Rated'.

          Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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            Steve, you made the deal the old gent wanted, may tactfully tell him about the relative's shop ethics.

            Bill C would look for his intern.



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              Now see what you started, Steve!
              Next thing you know, Hillary's gonna be drug into this.
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              Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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                Bill would drive back and demand at least half the money back beacause the vehicle is not as described

                Remember, besides being a lowdown #!X&*%~!
                he's also a lawyer!

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                  Yep YF, Same thing I protest when The clerks return excess change money. Except I return all if treated nicely when I say "Damn you have made an error in my change". Return not a penny if they protest. Mostly I get nickles and dimes excess, but several times its $20 and better.



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                    Maybe the guy will tell his relative what he got for the van, then the relative will have to deal with his conscience knowing only to himself that he was the cause, never being able to come clean after that. Justice.


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                      Maybe his relative is just another incompetent and doesn't realize that when a tranny is low on fluid, IT DOESN'T WORK RIGHT!