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Machine shop night course in Central NJ

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  • Machine shop night course in Central NJ

    - 9 Week machine shop class
    - Monday nights
    - Middlesex County Votech in East Brunswick, NJ
    - Starts the end of March
    - Registration is 20,21 and 22nd of March
    - More info
    - Course description:
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    Same thing as around here years ago,I took 5 courses of 12 weeks ea. over the years.I learned alot, and built some things I could not have without a mill as I didn't have one then.
    IMHO well worth it.You will learn how to grind lathe bits,and drill bits, if the instructor is worth anything at all.

    The tame Wolf !


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      I looked at and did the happy dance when they had "intro to welding" - I'm only twenty minutes away, and want to get some hands on experience with TIG and MIG.

      Then I noticed the welding course started in january

      I was hoping to have some basic TIG skills, because I want to take a TIG certification course in the fall...


      This Old Shed
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        Somerset County VoTech probably still has both machine shop and welding courses in the evening. It's been many years since I've taken any courses. Did four years of machine shop and two of welding followed by Black Seal License preparation and then airconditioning and refrigeration. The teachers that I had were really great especially machine shop.
        I'm also about twenty minutes from Middlesex County VoTech.


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          If Somerset does have a night program, they make make no mention of it on their website that I can see. I did however notice that in their day schedule they don't have a single machine shop class scheduled. Makes me wonder.

          Don't forget, tonight (Wednesday) is the last night to sign up before the class starts on Monday.


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            As I recall, Sommerset Vo-Tech closed its machine shop program and auctioned off the equipment.