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  • power feed for bridgeport

    Please Help. I am doing Lots of A-2 Milling on some big blocks. My arms are tired. I need to get, Build or Purchase a Good Power Feed for My Beloved Bribgeport. Does anyone have any recomendations? I was shown an old Bridgeport Feed Unit but it had broked teeth and was all apart. The Gentleman still wanted a lot for it. I wqould rather build or even buy one. Help Please. Audrey

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    Servo is the classic solution to power feed on turret mills. Expect to pay $450 to $650 depending on source and axis (table drives are cheaper). The Servo drive goes on the unmodified machine. All necessary parts are supplied in an easy to install kit including limit switshes.

    Enco sells an import power feed unit very similar to the Servo as as complete but at a much lower cost. I have two on my turret mill - the saddle and knee and they've worked well and reliable. These are much more economical at $299 sale price in their catalog expiring 1/31/03. There's one table axis unit having 150 lb in torque for $199.95 but I've never seen that particular model.

    Find a copy of the catalog and take a look at the Enco ( website.


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      I purchased the 135 lb. torque Enco table power feed unit about 6 months ago for $199.00. It was simple enough to install on my little 1966 Bridgeport mill. I have not used it in any situations that require a substantial amount of torque. I would have rather had the Servo brand but could not afford it.


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        Audrey: a lazy machinst (even lazier than I) says he used a 1/2 inch drill motor, some rubber hose for a couplin, all tied to a box to turn the crank on a mill. Claims he got to drink more coffe than he could hold with the time saved. Said the speed was very slow, fairly smooth. Had to keep an eye on it all the time- but we said that was just an excuse to not have to do anything else while the drill and machine did the work. Didn't see it but others said it was true.

        He loved to do what he called "cum shaw" work. Would not speak to me for a week because we needed something bad, He thought it was "cum Shaw" so he worked rightthrough lunch hour. Found out it was legitimate work and "sulled up">